February 3, 2010

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Winter Storm Warning: Keep Connected

Posted By Michael Francois

Snow plow by Petr Kratochvil

There is word of another Winter Storm heading for the middle of the country, with this article saying that all my friends back in Maryland could be looking at another 12" to 20" inches of the white stuff. While weary of all the snow this winter, the wise among them are still working away. This is because they developed a business continuity plan, and took advantage of broadband technologies to stay open, and keep their business going, even when their staff can't get into the office.

When Mother Nature decides to blanket a few states with snow and ice, the end result can be Snow Days, where liberal leave policies need to go into effect. But just because you can't get out of the house doesn't mean you can't make use of a Virtual Private Network to get needed work done. So, as another blizzard seems to be in the making, I would propose that this is a great time to look into teleworking and other business continuity options that your business can implement to keep connected, even when you can't get the car out of your driveway (unless your car happens to be a snow plow).

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