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Working with Retailers to Solve Network Connectivity and Security Issues

Posted By Jayne Swystun
May 3, 2010

This week MegaPath is looking forward to meeting convenience store retailers at the NACStech conference in New Orleans. Events like this one always provide a great opportunity to reconnect with our retail operations customers and to get to know other NACS members. If you’re following NACS on Twitter, or you’ve visited the association website recently, you know how much attention PCI compliance and data protection are receiving lately. We’ve been working with retailers of all sizes to help them address the network security, data protection, and compliance issues that they face in their day-to-day operations. To say we’re experienced in these issues would be a bit of an understatement. Going back many years ago when retailers first began grappling with PCI standards and ensuring their compliance with protecting customer data in the payment transaction, MegaPath was already breaking new ground by becoming the first Level 1 Service Provider to be recognized compliant by Visa. Through the managed MPLS VPN services that MegaPath provides, we simplify the security requirements and PCI audit risk issues that create very real technology and operations problems for retail customers.

But frankly it’s more than that. We know from working with multi-site businesses – in retail store operations and plenty of other markets – that putting connectivity to work in geographically-dispersed locations, or rolling out new locations and ensuring their network speed and performance experience is not the kind of network design work that is done well by a cookie-cutter approach. Our retail operations and convenience store customers – like TrueNorth’s 107 service stations – need a best-fit type of flexible approach to deal with their site specs, network user needs and broadband access services. MegaPath incorporates this kind of scalability, flexibility – and cost-effectiveness – into the MPLS VPN solutions we provide to customers. Read more about the high-performance IP communications network success story we’ve helped TrueNorth create.

Join MegaPath at NACStech

Booth #643. Find us on the floor plan.

May 5-7 (this Wed through Friday) in New Orleans

Spend a minute looking at NACStech’s conference agenda and you’ll notice that 3 of 5 workshops will focus on data security, data protection, and PCI compliance. In fact the range of solutions that MegaPath provides to NACS members and other convenience store retailers will touch all aspects of the conference agenda—everything from small operators’ issues, to customer marketing, operations systems and automation, to standards. We’re excited to learn more, and to help NACS members think about how MPLS VPNs and the managed services available to them can help them focus on becoming more competitive in the market, and leveraging their network to improve business operations. If that sounds lofty, think about how a single, high-speed network can bring together POS systems, payment card processing, ATMs, security cameras, tank monitoring, lottery, email, and HR applications. To NACS members, that’s the core of the business, and of course, that’s powerful.

See us in New Orleans!

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