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Blog Category: Broadband

August 18, 2014
MegaPath Ethernet: Industry-Leading Coverage, More Options

MegaPath leads the industry as the largest provider of on-net Ethernet over Copper services in the U.S. And we’re building on that achievement every day.

By Pasha Mohammed
Tags: broadband, broadband-speeds, ethernet, ethernet-over-copper
July 21, 2014
5 Hottest Benefits of MegaPath’s New Managed WiFi Solution

With MegaPath’s new Managed WiFi solution, it’s now easier for businesses to provide WiFi access without the burden of setting up and managing the wireless LAN.

By Pasha Mohammed
Tags: broadband, managed-wifi, wifi
April 21, 2014
Infographic: Think Beyond Broadband

Selecting a business Internet provider involves more than a quick comparison of broadband speed and pricing. To help you find a provider that will best serve your business needs, take a look at our Infographic.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: infographic, broadband, broadband-speeds, smb, bandwidth, internet-service-provider, t1, ethernet, cable
April 14, 2014
Infographic: Broadband Roadmap

Selecting the right Internet service for your business starts with understanding how your employees will use your connection to accomplish your business goals. Our Infographic walks you through the choices.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: infographic, broadband, broadband-speeds, smb, bandwidth, internet-service-provider, t1, ethernet, cable
February 28, 2014
Your Broadband Connection: Accounting for Both Speed and Quality

A fast connection is great, but speed, alone, doesn’t guarantee that your broadband service will support all the applications your business is using.

By Randy Laub
Tags: bandwidth, broadband, broadband-speed, broadband-speeds, internet-service-provider
December 11, 2013
Infographic: Ethernet vs. Cable

The ads tout Cable as a viable business Internet service. A closer look, however, may reveal otherwise.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: infographic, ethernet, ethernet-over-copper, cable, broadband, broadband-speeds, smb
October 7, 2013
Asymmetrical Ethernet Advantages Over Cable

You’ve probably heard cable Internet services touted as business-ready. Although these services are appropriate for some situations, they often do not qualify as business-class. When you are choosing an Internet Service Provider for your business, look for one that has built its services around the needs of businesses and offers a range of fast, reliable access services.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: voice, voip, voice communications, voip-provider, business voip, business-voip, hosted-voip
August 26, 2013
Is Cable Internet Access Really Right for Your Business?

If you've heard the hype about cable Internet for business, here are three important questions to ask the provider first.

By Pasha Mohammed
Tags: broadband, cable, connectivity, internet-service-provider, network-performance, network, bandwidth
March 25, 2013
Businesses Can’t Afford to Cling to Costly, “Ma Bell” Era Communications Systems

If you haven’t said “goodbye” to traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) systems for your business, you will be. Probably sooner than you think.

By Jeffrey Pearl
Tags: hosted-voice, voip
March 11, 2013
U.S. Cities Ranked for Business Broadband Service

A Top 10 list of the most broadband-connected cities in the United States and their average price per month.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: cities, broadband
November 5, 2012
Three Grounded Reasons to Consider Wireless Broadband for Your Business

The advent of wireless data connectivity isn't limited to smart phones. It also boosts how nimbly businesses can perform.

By Phil Himel
Tags: wireless-broadband
July 31, 2012
How to Beat the Bandwidth Hogs

Are your voice/data communications services getting muscled over by Bandwidth Hogs? Like a pack of loud motorcycle riders on Harleys, the Bandwidth Hogs crowd the entire highway on your network. And, worse yet, you often won't notice until the resulting clutter disrupts your business.

By Phil Himel
Tags: bandwidth, connectivity, network-performance
July 9, 2012
Five Ways a Complete Office Solution Can Improve Your Business

Simplify, streamline, and save with integrated communication and collaboration services.

By Rich Sabin
Tags: hosted-voice, voip, managed-services, data-backup, hosted-services
June 11, 2012
Opening Customers' Eyes via Improved Managed Security Services Reporting

Whoever said, 'What you don’t know can’t hurt you ...' obviously wasn’t referring to IT security.

By S.L. Sweet
Tags: managed-security, managed-services
May 31, 2012
Speed Test Plus: Is Your Broadband Quality Measuring Up to Your Voice & Data Needs?

Whether it’s Bullitt, The Fast and the Furious, or Gone in 60 Seconds, audiences have a need for speed. And that goes for getting access to breakneck Internet broadband.

By Mike Gruszka
Tags: broadband, broadband-speed
April 16, 2012
MegaPath: Largest EoC Operator in the United States

This month, we reached an important milestone. As a result of our latest build out of Central Offices across the country, MegaPath is now the largest provider of on-net Ethernet-over-Copper (EoC) services in the United States.

By Pasha Mohammed
Tags: ethernet-over-copper, t1, ethernet, broadband, bandwidth
February 15, 2012
Ethernet over Copper to Surpass Legacy Services by 2014

It’s only a matter of time before Ethernet over Copper (EoC) surpasses T1 in demand. In fact, the revenue from Ethernet services has already surpassed that from legacy data services.

By Pasha Mohammed
Tags: ethernet, t1, cable, bandwidth
November 22, 2011
Retailers Face Bandwidth Dilemma on Cyber Mondays

It happens every year on the Monday after Thanksgiving; following the brick-and-mortar retail blitz that is “Black Friday,” consumers flock to their computing devices to scour the Internet for online sales. In 2005, this day was dubbed “Cyber Monday.” In 2010, Cyber Monday accounted for the first-ever $1 billion shopping day.

By Phil Himel
Tags: bandwidth, ethernet
May 11, 2011
A Better Way to Use Bandwidth

Too many businesses are stuck in traffic these days. We’re not talking about traffic on the highway either. We’re referring to the routine logjams encountered with network operations: You may be reviewing an important Webinar and the screen image goes into a shaky ‘start/stop/start’ routine that’s nearly unwatchable.

By Mike Gruszka
Tags: voip, bandwidth, quality-of-service-(qos)
April 1, 2011
Three Reasons Why Ethernet -- Not T1 -- May Better Serve Your Business

When it's time to renew or add network-access circuits for your business, you may automatically think, "Okay, we'll get a T1." After all, T1s remain reliable and widely available. It’s like putting on an old, familiar sneaker before going out to play tennis: You know it’ll get the job done.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: ethernet, t1, bandwidth, broadband
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