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Blog Category: Customer and Operations

June 18, 2013
‘Plug and Play’ VoIP Installation? No Thanks!

Many VoIP providers just send a box and say “Good luck.” Find out why your business deserves a more personalized approach for installation and service.

By Paul Marra
Tags: hosted voice, voip, voice
April 16, 2012
MegaPath: Largest EoC Operator in the United States

This month, we reached an important milestone. As a result of our latest build out of Central Offices across the country, MegaPath is now the largest provider of on-net Ethernet-over-Copper (EoC) services in the United States.

By Pasha Mohammed
Tags: ethernet-over-copper, t1, ethernet, broadband, bandwidth
February 15, 2012
Ethernet over Copper to Surpass Legacy Services by 2014

It’s only a matter of time before Ethernet over Copper (EoC) surpasses T1 in demand. In fact, the revenue from Ethernet services has already surpassed that from legacy data services.

By Pasha Mohammed
Tags: ethernet, t1, cable, bandwidth
December 15, 2011
Staffing Concerns Shouldn’t Shortchange Security for SMBs

There is enormous differences between running a small business and a large enterprise. However, the ability to provide sufficient IT security to business of all sizes have dramatically improved in recent years—giving small business owners varied options to protect their small but critical business needs.

By S.L. Sweet
Tags: security, data-protection, backup
October 24, 2011
"Epic MegaPath Tech Talk Rap" Video Wins Top Honors in $30K Video Contest

”We’re in a league of our own and we thrive on innovation! MegaPath, the leader in business communications.”  Those are the pointed and spot-on opening lyrics in Epic MegaPath Tech Talk Rap created by HappyJoel, the winner of the first-ever MegaPath crowdsourcing video contest.  And, we couldn’t agree more.

By Beth Tyebjee
Tags: tech
September 12, 2011
Tech Talk Online Video Competition from MegaPath Enters Final Week

The MegaPath Tech Talk Online Video Competition enters its final week of accepting new videos; all video entries must be submitted to the MegaPath website by Monday, September 19, 2011.

By Beth Tyebjee
Tags: tech
August 15, 2011
What Can the Cloud do for You? (Part 2)

When it comes to the cloud, it’s difficult to ignore the tea leaves: A recent survey from IBM found that nine out of of ten IT professionals expect that cloud computing will overtake on-premise computing as the main way organizations acquire IT over the next five years.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: cloud, hosted-voice, security, continuity, intrusion-prevention
July 29, 2011
What Can the Cloud do for You? (Part 1)

Are you one of the many executives asking your IT staff: Does it make sense to move to the cloud? If you’re reading up on cloud computing, you may think that every single business on the planet is already there. But that isn’t close to the truth.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: cloud, hosted-voice, voip, managed-services
July 14, 2011
IT Hip-Hop Ad Wins MegaPath Early Bird Tech Talk Video Contest

Recently, we challenged you, our partners and the general creative public, to come up with your very best video take on “Tech Talk.” We’re pleased to say that our Tech Talk Video Contest—to produce a new MegaPath “crowdsourcing” marketing campaign—is off to a great start.

By Beth Tyebjee
Tags: tech
September 1, 2010
Why the Communications Market is Embracing Services

I always enjoy sharing good news, and I'm especially pleased to share the details of today's news. The MegaPath, Covad, and Speakeasy merger has closed, and the creation of a next generation Managed Services Local Exchange Carrier (MSLEC) has begun.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: broadband, mpls, security, managed-services, mslec, voice
June 11, 2010
Speakeasy, MegaPath, Covad Merger Grabs Headline Attention

In the 24 hours since MegaPath and Covad announced that Speakeasy would be combining its business to help create the first MSLEC (managed services local exchange carrier), we have been part of a flurry of conversations about what this merger means to the telecom and technology industries.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: mslec, smb, voice, hosted-voip
June 10, 2010
4 Quick Thoughts to Share from the MegaPath Channel

There are such great things taking shape in the MegaPath channel program that it is tough to limit today's post to just four quick thoughts. Let's jump right in.

By Jayne Swystun
Tags: voice, hosted-voip
April 2, 2010
Customer and Partner Perspectives of the Covad-MegaPath Merger

It’s Friday — the end of a rather busy (maybe more like a whirlwind) week here since we announced on Wednesday that MegaPath had reached an agreement to merge with Covad Communications.

By MegaPath Marketing
March 31, 2010
MegaPath and Covad: An Exciting Future

Today MegaPath and Covad announced a merger that will bring great benefits to our customers, partners and employees. By combining, we will be able to layer our market leading managed voice, data and security services on top of a very robust and powerful national network.

By Michael Francois
March 2, 2010
A New Voice for Voice on Connectivity

As promised in my post yesterday, I’m pleased to introduce the Connectivity community today to Diane Giuffre, Voice Product Manager here at MegaPath, and a welcome new voice for voice over MPLS solutions.

By Jayne Swystun
Tags: voice
December 18, 2009
A Great Year in Review

As the year is coming to a close, I can look back over the last 12 months and can see that it has been a great year for MegaPath. Back in September, we were again placed on the Inc. 5000, the magazine’s list of the fastest growing private companies in the US.

By Michael Francois
Tags: managed-security, smb
November 25, 2009

Tomorrow, Americans all across the planet will celebrate Thanksgiving. We will sit down with those closest to us, break bread and celebrate and give thanks for all that we have.

By Michael Francois
Tags: managed-security
November 19, 2009
The FAA Glitch: A Learning Opportunity

The FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure suffered a glitch today, which caused air traffic delays around the country. The statement from the FAA indicates that a software configuration error caused some key networking elements, which are responsible for flight planning, to be unavailable. Once this occurred, there was ripple effect throughout the National Airspace Data Interchange Network (NADIN), resulting in the manual entry of flight plans.

By Michael Francois
Tags: backup, continuity
August 24, 2009
Being Well Connected: A Redundant Link As Part Of The Backup Plan

In today’s business world, staying well connected is critical to the success of most enterprises, small or large. The loss of connectivity for a mission critical application can be very costly, and is to be avoided, and businesses are advised to do what they can to maximize uptime. For this reason, it is always good to have a backup plan.

By Michael Francois
Tags: backup, redundancy
June 29, 2009
The Value of Integration

The VAR500 list for 2009 is out, and MegaPath has made the list again. That's six years in a row.

By Michael Francois
Tags: managed-security, sip-trunking
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