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Blog Category: MPLS VPN

January 20, 2014
The Benefits of Unified Threat Management and Managed Security Services

Increased accessibility to cross-platform data sharing and ever-changing and increasingly malicious threats make Managed Security Services a necessity for businesses today.

By Melinda Gaw
Tags: encryption, intrusion-prevention, malware, network-security, security, security-as-a-service, unified-threat-management
January 6, 2014
The Advantages of Outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Increasingly, companies find it easier and more budget-friendly to outsource a growing array of services.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: cloud, managed-security, managed-services, managed-services-provider
November 1, 2013
Critical Security Considerations When Moving to the Cloud

Companies that virtualize some or all of their infrastructure encounter a different set of security concerns.

By Ross Spero
Tags: network, security, cloud, pci, pci-compliance
October 21, 2013
VPN: A Powerful Tool for Tough Security Issues and Maintaining Compliance

With cyber threats becoming increasingly common, do you want a secure yet flexible way to access your corporate data and applications from outside the office? You need a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures a user’s Internet connection by encrypting all data that is sent and received.

By Melinda Gaw
Tags: network, security, vpn, encryption
October 14, 2013
Your Business Backup Plan - Managed Broadband Failover

If your business can’t afford even a minimal service disruption, you should consider a cost-effective failover solution to maintain critical operations.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: backup, data-storage, managed-security, connectivity, MegaPath Anwhere, network
December 14, 2012
Rounding Up a Winning Strategy for Your Mobile Workforce

Technology is lengthening the tether of the modern corporate workforce, but with that greater freedom, businesses need safe, productive infrastructure.

By Melinda Gaw
Tags: unified-threat-management, managed-ssl-vpn, virtual-private-network
November 8, 2010
Protecting Your Mobile Workforce from Sheep (Firesheep, that is)

One of the hottest discussion topics in networking circles recently has been Firesheep, an extension to the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firesheep allows a hacker to access someone else's browsing session when they are sharing the same Internet connection.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: security, data-protection, encryption, intrusion-prevention, network-security, ssl-vpn, remote-access, vpn, mpls
October 1, 2010
Catch These MPLS University Sessions at ITEXPO

Are you attending the ITEXPO conference in Los Angeles next week? If so, you won't want to miss two valuable, information-packed sessions about MPLS, presented by MegaPath experts.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: mpls-university, mpls, security, vpn
September 10, 2010
MPLS U On-Demand Webinars Now Available

Many MegaPath partners had a chance to get acquainted with MPLS University through two webinars held in August. Did you? It is clear from the great participation in the August 12 session held for partners-only, and the August 25 session presented jointly with Cisco for SMB end users and partners, that customers have plenty of questions about how to make their networks stretch to better serve the business.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: mpls-university, mpls, cloud, vpn
August 23, 2010
Welcome to MPLS Milestones Week at MegaPath

I like to think about the significance of reaching milestones by also thinking about what they will mean to the path ahead. Today Megapath announced its 10 year anniversary of offering MPLS-based services.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: mpls, mpls-university, vpn
July 13, 2010
Managed Services Help State and Local Government Budgets

"Let no budget line item go unscrutinized" has been the motto in recent years for many state and local governments and their agencies. Seems like a fairly straightforward approach for the cash-strapped public sector.

By Diane Giuffre
Tags: cloud, hosted-voice, managed-services, business-voip
July 9, 2010
Enabling the Applications-Driven Business with Managed Network Services

Whether it's entering a complex customer order or simply checking email, more business activity is being driven by online access to key data and applications. Yet as that access is getting more important, it is also getting more complicated...

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: cloud, mpls, bandwidth, connectivity, managed-services, mpls-network, business-voip, quality-of-service-(qos)
June 18, 2010
Why you'll want to partner with a MSLEC

A new player is emerging in the US telecom market today: the managed services local exchange carrier (MSLEC). I'm glad to be part of its development.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: mslec, mpls-vpn, security, network, managed-services
April 30, 2010
Cisco Partner Summit: Networks Without Borders

MegaPath is a Master Cisco Managed Services Channel Partner, and so we were invited to Cisco Partner Summit again this year. The event was in San Francisco, and gave us a chance to get together with one of our important technology partners and get their view of the networked economy.

By Michael Francois
Tags: managed-services, hosted-voip, managed-services, managed-security, mobile, quality-of-service-(qos), ssl-vpn, voice, vpn
March 30, 2010
The Basics of MPLS: Defining Smart Traffic Engineering

Because MegaPath has been running its own core MPLS network for more than 10 years, we readily toss around the term MPLS and perhaps don't give enough consideration to how well understood the term is (or is not) amongst technology users from small business to large enterprise.

By Jayne Swystun
Tags: mpls
March 18, 2010
SSL VPN Growth: Short Month, Big Numbers

The number of people using our SSL VPN service continues to grow at an impressive rate, and even though February is the shortest month of the year, we managed to post our largest numbers ever.

By Michael Francois
Tags: ssl-vpn
February 23, 2010
Prosper by Partnering with a Master MSP

Mastering the Triple Play
My chance to make ‘triple plays’ came in communications, providing a trio of voice, data and security solutions to our customers. And I’m proud to say that we are recognized as having mastery skills at providing these managed services.

By Michael Francois
Tags: managed-services, managed-security, network-management, vpn
January 29, 2010
The iPad News Monopoly and the Bigger Trend of Mobile, Remote Access

There's no denying that this has been the week for iPad news domination.
Good, bad, or indifferent—people are certainly talking about the iPad!

By Jayne Swystun
Tags: ip-security, mobile, ssl-vpn
January 21, 2010
ITExpo Students 'gotmpls' at MegaPath University

4 MPLS Sessions Focused on Future-Proofing the Network for Performance and Reliability
With all the talk about MPLS networks, cloud-based computing, and voice-data convergence trends, we thought the ITEXPO show in Miami was an ideal place to address the complexity but real benefit of MPLS in network traffic engineering. We asked the question "got mpls?" and plenty of people packed 4 sessions at MegaPath University to learn more.

By Jayne Swystun
Tags: mpls, managed-security, vpn, quality-of-service-(qos)
January 12, 2010
7 Reasons To Deploy MPLS In Your Business Network

It can be argued that MPLS has been one of the most successful standards to come out of the IETF. It has been very widely deployed by business around the globe, in both small and large networks. If your business hasn’t yet leveraged MPLS, its really time you considered doing so.

By Michael Francois
Tags: mpls, vpn
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