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December 14, 2012
Rounding Up a Winning Strategy for Your Mobile Workforce

Technology is lengthening the tether of the modern corporate workforce, but with that greater freedom, businesses need safe, productive infrastructure.

By Melinda Gaw
December 12, 2011
Infographic: Get Your Communication System Out of the Stone Age

As communication technology continues to advance, our options for business communication solutions grow. Check out our infographic to find out why a change from an older existing system to new advanced platforms is good for your business.

By MegaPath Marketing
June 22, 2010
The Right Cloud for Voice Calls

Since the invention of the telephone, voice calls traveled from their origin to their destination primarily over a series of directly connected lines. But with the creation of the Internet, a new way of connecting phone calls became possible: over indirect connections in the "cloud."

By Diane Giuffre
February 3, 2010
Winter Storm Warning: Keep Connected

There is word of another Winter Storm heading for the middle of the country, with this article saying that all my friends back in Maryland could be looking at another 12" to 20" inches of the white stuff. While weary of all the snow this winter, the wise among them are still working away.

By Michael Francois
December 9, 2009
10 Topics for 2010

With the end of the year coming up fast, it seems like it is a good time to take a look at what 2010 has in store for us. Several trends in business connectivity have developed over the last year, and will continue to further evolve in 2010. Here is a list of 10 topics you should take into consideration as you do your planning for next year.

By Michael Francois
November 16, 2009
Making A List, Checking It Twice: Business Continuity Planning

It the time of year when we start to see more and more lists. Santa is finalizing the naughty and nice list, people will be working on lists of top songs and movies of the year, and children are preparing lists of what presents they would like to receive this holiday season. If you run a business, I can think of one very important list you should take a look at, and that is the MegaPath Business Continuity Planning checklist.

By Michael Francois
October 29, 2009
Bridge To Telecommuting

I know some people in the San Francisco Bay Area who are glad they can telecommute to work right now.

By Michael Francois
September 30, 2009
Keep Connected During a Flu Outbreak with Telecommuting

The H1N1 virus is very real, and is an issue that the workplace needs to deal with. Many employers are now coming out with plans on how to deal with an outbreak of the flu in the workplace, as it is expected the number of reported cases will rise between now and the end of the year.

By Michael Francois
September 11, 2009
Virginia's Telework Day Saves $124,000

Back on August 3, the Commonwealth of Virginia sponsored a ‘Telework Day’, and it was a huge success. Over 4000 people telecommuted, and for 22% of them, this was the first time they had ever done so, according to a report by Telework Exchange.

By Michael Francois
August 5, 2009
The Summer of Broadband

Wired magazine has an good story about how we are currently living ‘The Summer of Broadband.’ Specifically, the story speaks to the focus the new administration, through the FCC, is placing on America’s IT and communications infrastructure.

By Michael Francois
July 16, 2009
Virginia Announces Telework Day

Govenor Kaine of Virginia has announced that August 3rd will be a state wide Telework Day, and is encouraging employees and organizations to telework for the day.

By Michael Francois
June 26, 2009
Cisco Saves Money, Increases Happiness, With Telecommuting

NetworkWorld is reporting that Cisco says it has saved $277M by having employees work from home. Their internal study found that not only did having employees work remotely save money, but it increased productivity and the happiness of the work force.

By Michael Francois
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