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July 7, 2014
The Pros and Cons of Business VoIP

Some organizations have reservations about switching to a cloud-based business voice system. This post dispels some of those concerns.

By Paul Marra
Tags: SharePoint, managed-services, voice
May 12, 2014
Hosted Voice: Quality of Service Isn’t Always Guaranteed

Understand Quality of Service before you implement Hosted Voice.

By Victor DiLoreto
Tags: MegaPath, quality-of-service-(qos), voice, voip, voice-and-data, voip-provider, redundancy, voice communications, Voice Manager
January 13, 2014
Hang Up on Your Voicemail from the 90s: The Case for Hosted Voice

Hosted VoIP offers better features than legacy phone technologies. It’s just one reason why companies are adopting VoIP and not looking back.

By Paul Marra
Tags: hosted voice, hosted-voip, Voicemail, voip, voice, voice communications, business voip, business-voice, business-voip
September 30, 2013
5 Ways Businesses are Streamlining Communications and Cutting Costs

Let’s examine 5 ways businesses are streamlining communications and cutting costs by moving to a Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solution.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: voice, voip, voice communications, voip-provider, business voip, business-voip, hosted-voip
July 22, 2013
Infographic: Why do Businesses Choose VoIP?

Traditional landline phone service is in steep decline. VoIP phone use is skyrocketing. Take a look at our infographic for why businesses are choosing VoIP and how they are benefiting.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: business voip, hosted voip, infographic, voice, voice communications, voip
June 18, 2013
‘Plug and Play’ VoIP Installation? No Thanks!

Many VoIP providers just send a box and say “Good luck.” Find out why your business deserves a more personalized approach for installation and service.

By Paul Marra
Tags: hosted voice, voip, voice
May 13, 2013
Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Hosted Voice

Who will take advantage of hosted business VoIP’s productivity-enhancing features and cost savings first: you or your competitors?

By Vimal Misra
Tags: hosted voice, voip, voice
February 13, 2013
Five Reasons Why You Should Consider SIP Trunking

Whatever the size of your business, enabling VoIP calling through your existing IP-PBX equipment may be the solution for you.

By Rich Sabin
Tags: VoIP, sip-trunking, voice
January 7, 2013
VoIP and Facebook: Is a Marriage Inevitable?

Voice over IP and FaceBook are the two defining communication technologies for friends and family online. Consolidation may be their future.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: hosted-voice, hosted-voip, mobile, voice
November 30, 2012
Three Ways to Keep Business Humming in Times of Crisis

Whether prompted by an accident, act of nature, or malicious attack, disruptions present a growing concern among organizations.

By Nicholas Clapper
Tags: backup, continuity, voice
July 9, 2012
Five Ways a Complete Office Solution Can Improve Your Business

Simplify, streamline, and save with integrated communication and collaboration services.

By Rich Sabin
Tags: hosted-voice, voip, managed-services, data-backup, hosted-services
June 11, 2012
Opening Customers' Eyes via Improved Managed Security Services Reporting

Whoever said, 'What you don’t know can’t hurt you ...' obviously wasn’t referring to IT security.

By S.L. Sweet
Tags: managed-security, managed-services
May 31, 2012
Speed Test Plus: Is Your Broadband Quality Measuring Up to Your Voice & Data Needs?

Whether it’s Bullitt, The Fast and the Furious, or Gone in 60 Seconds, audiences have a need for speed. And that goes for getting access to breakneck Internet broadband.

By Mike Gruszka
Tags: broadband, broadband-speed
January 16, 2012
One-Number Calling: A New Necessity for the Modern Mobile Worker

The Mobile Age is transforming the very way we perceive work and when it starts and stops. Concepts such as "regular hours" and "face time" are fading into irrelevance.

By Paul Marra
Tags: hosted-voice, voip, voice
December 12, 2011
Infographic: Get Your Communication System Out of the Stone Age

As communication technology continues to advance, our options for business communication solutions grow. Check out our infographic to find out why a change from an older existing system to new advanced platforms is good for your business.

By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: integrated-voice, hosted-voice, voip, infographic
October 19, 2011
Myth Versus Reality: Hosted Voice QoS Demystified

At the end of the day, businesses simply want to have the confidence to make phone calls.

By Mike Gruszka
Tags: hosted-voice, voip, quality-of-service-(QoS)
August 15, 2011
What Can the Cloud do for You? (Part 2)

When it comes to the cloud, it’s difficult to ignore the tea leaves: A recent survey from IBM found that nine out of of ten IT professionals expect that cloud computing will overtake on-premise computing as the main way organizations acquire IT over the next five years.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: cloud, hosted-voice, security, continuity, intrusion-prevention
July 29, 2011
What Can the Cloud do for You? (Part 1)

Are you one of the many executives asking your IT staff: Does it make sense to move to the cloud? If you’re reading up on cloud computing, you may think that every single business on the planet is already there. But that isn’t close to the truth.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: cloud, hosted-voice, voip, managed-services
May 16, 2011
Integrated and Hosted Voice: The Best of Both Worlds

It's no secret that companies are getting increasingly mobile. In fact, there will be more than 1 billion such employees worldwide by the end of this year, according to industry research, and three out of every four U.S. workers will work remotely in some capacity within that time frame.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: voip, bandwidth, quality-of-service-(qos), hosted-voice
January 26, 2011
MegaPath Hosted Voice: Add Up All the Savings

If you're looking to cut costs and get more productive, here's an easy way to do it: Switch to MegaPath Hosted Voice.

By Diane Giuffre
Tags: hosted-voice, hosted-voip, voice
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