Frequently Asked Questions About DS3/OCx

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What types of access are available at my location?

Access is dependent on local carriers; to find out what is available in your area, use our Check For Service form.

What is the difference between DSL and T1 service at the same speed?

DSL typically offers similar bandwidth to T1 for a lower price, but it is not available everywhere. Another difference is service: T1s are generally more robust and include more stringent service level agreements (SLAs).

What is the difference between a bonded T1 and two individual T1s?

A bonded T1 uses special equipment and routing protocols to ensure that the total available bandwidth of the T1s can be used for a single data transmission session.

What is the difference between ADSL and SDSL?

ASDL, or asynchronous DSL, provides different bandwidths in each direction; SDSL, or synchronous DSL, provides the same bandwidth in both directions. SDSL also has greater reach range, and is available in more locations than ADSL. Finally, SDSL is more robust, includes more stringent SLAs, and includes a dedicated phone line.

What is included with my MegaPath broadband?

MegaPath broadband includes a portfolio of services including, e-mail, Web space, and DNS hosting.

What type of customer premise equipment does MegaPath use?

MegaPath uses enterprise-class customer premise equipment (CPE) to enable us to remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues that may arise. We can also update firmware and reconfigure routers if necessary.

How does MegaPath support these services?

With MegaPath, all services are supported by the skilled technicians that staff our U.S.-based redundant network operations centers (NOCs) 24/ 7/365.

What makes MegaPath broadband different from a local ISP?

With direct connectivity to more than 100 Tier 1 Internet Service Providers around the country, MegaPath can ensure that your traffic will be routed to its destination much faster and with much more reliability than is possible with a local ISP.

What kinds of backup access services do you offer?

The same great fast, reliable, and affordable business-class Internet solutions from MegaPath are available as a managed failover solution. MegaPath’s Wireless and Broadband Managed Failover Services detect access issues with your primary wireline connection and automatically switch traffic to the backup connection to keep you connected and your business working. With MegaPath Proactive Monitoring and Managed Failover services, the availability SLA for your DS3/OCx service increases to 100% so you can be assured of business continuity. Learn more (PDF) >>


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