Managed WiFi

Avoid the cost and hassle of managing a Wireless Local Area Network

MegaPath Managed WiFi (Wireless LAN) provides a complete, end-to-end WiFi service that frees you from the burden and cost of setting up and managing a wireless network. MegaPath manages every step of the process, including design, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and management. We provide all the wireless access points and infrastructure you need for a secure, hassle-free WiFi solution, liberating you to focus on your business.

By combining industry-leading network technology with expert network monitoring and management, MegaPath Managed WiFi enables you to easily deploy a private wireless network for your employees and a public wireless network for your guests. It fits all types of Wireless LAN (WLAN) needs, whether for a small site or branch, a large facility or campus, or a distributed multi-site business.


  • More cost-effective networking
  • Lower costs by outsourcing your wireless network management and maintenance
  • Gather insightful usage and presence data for business intelligence
  • Ensure security over wireless. MegaPath Managed WiFi includes rich security features
  • Eliminate capital expenditures on equipment, training, technology upgrades, and dedicated resources

Managed WiFi Diagram

Managed WiFi Diagram


  • Wireless Access Points Owned and Provided by MegaPath. MegaPath provides enterprise-grade, cloud-managed wireless access points that feature advanced 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies and support more than 100 users each. Equipment is covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Design, Configuration and Installation. MegPath designs, configures, installs, and implements your wireless network.
  • Monitoring and Management. Fully trained networking experts in MegaPath’s Network Operations Centers proactively monitor and maintain your wireless network. Plus, our Help Desk is available to handle your support needs 24/7/365. If an access point needs to be replaced, we’ll process your request within hours.
  • Secure. Built-in security segments wireless users, applications and devices, securing your network from attacks and automatically enforcing the right access policies by device or user type.
  • Automated firmware and software updates happen seamlessly, over the Web, so you get the latest upgrades and new features delivered to your access points and your management dashboard, automatically.
  • Business Intelligence. A dashboard provides summary reports on users, applications, and devices accessing your Wireless LAN. This is especially helpful for retailers and restaurants looking for insights into foot traffic, traffic by time of day, and repeat visitors.

Why MegaPath Managed WiFi

  • Worry-free installation, constant monitoring, and hassle-free management
  • Scalability from small branches to large networks
  • Advanced technology from an industry leader
  • Simpler licensing than comparable offerings: Buy one cloud management license per access point
  • Diverse Product Portfolio. Unlike other WiFi providers, MegaPath offers a complete portfolio of voice, unified communications, cloud, Internet connectivity, and secure data networking services to meet your business needs.


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