Other Broadband Solutions

MegaPath offers additional broadband options for your business.

Businesses are diverse, but one thing they have in common is a need for dependable connectivity that meets their budget needs and speed requirements. And, for multi-site businesses, these requirements may vary by location. That's why MegaPath offers a wide range of Business-class Internet access solutions that give businesses the flexibility and affordability they require to run their business and remain competitive.

To learn more about these services and where they are offered, see our Broadband Comparison.


MegaPath's Cable Broadband Access service provides businesses with an always-on, high-speed data connection to the Internet. Cable broadband access is typically asymmetric, where the download speed is faster than the upload speed.


Wireless Broadband is an emerging technology for remote sites to access the Internet and VPNs. It allows customer locations that would otherwise require costly T1s or satellite connectivity to be serviced with a more cost-effective, high-speed solution.

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