Satellite Broadband Service

Even with MegaPath's expansive broadband coverage, there are always some locations where DSL and Cable access are not currently available. MegaPath's Satellite broadband service solves this problem by providing remote broadband access to retailers, restaurants, or other businesses with ubiquitous locations or employees throughout the continental United States.

MegaPath is a broadband satellite provider that offers an enterprise-class service using satellite technology that is built on a VSAT-based ("very small aperture terminal") broadband Internet connectivity platform. The Satellite Access service is a turnkey solution that provides always-on Internet connectivity, hardware (router and satellite dish), installation, ongoing support, on-site same day maintenance, and billing.

MegaPath Satellite Access delivers broadband connectivity that meets the needs of highly distributed enterprises. In fact, with bandwidth speeds of up to 1.0 Mbps at a comparable price to DSL and cable broadband services, Satellite Access is a great complimentary access technology to fill in coverage gaps from traditional terrestrial access services.

Unlike other satellite Internet providers, MegaPath offers a complete portfolio of voice, unified communications, hosted IT, Internet connectivity, and secure data networking services to meet your business needs.


The MegaPath Satellite Broadband Solution is a business-class broadband connection packed with business productivity and enhancing features that support multiple users, websites, and enterprise applications.

  • Nationwide coverage - available everywhere you can see the southern sky
  • Ubiquitous Internet access for locations that cannot get DSL or cable services
  • Provides service for teleworkers, remote business locations, and branch offices
  • Always-on access
  • Download speeds up to 1 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 100 kbps
  • Ability to connect single or multiple users per site
  • MPLS Private Network over Satellite
  • Routable static IP addressing

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