Wireless WiMax Coverage

Wireless WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a scalable Internet access solution that delivers high-speed, reliable business-class bandwidth to SMB and enterprise businesses. It reliably serves large geographical areas and provides Internet access—up to 45 Mbps—to growing businesses and businesses that want to implement a fully diverse system.

Wireless WiMax from MegaPath supports IPSec and Gateway MSS to help ensure the security and integrity of the data it transfers. It also experiences the same quality and reliability (99.99%) as comparable fixed mediums—such as T1 and Ethernet—but offers a greater reach, making it an ideal solution for businesses that are outgrowing their business-class broadband. WiMax has a fixed 6-mile coverage radius footprint—which differentiates it from wireless connectivity—and offers greater connectivity speeds than wireless connections. WiMax enables you to experience the convenience of selecting a complete network and access solution, instead of cobbling together technologies from multiple services providers.

How WiMax Works

WiMax Diagram

WiMax technology is based on two key elements: a WiMax tower and a WiMax receiver. The WiMax tower—which has a 6-mile coverage radius—connects to the Internet using a wired connection and allows Internet traffic to flow through a wireless core network to a local base station. The WiMax receiver—which is located on top of the business’ building—sends and receives encrypted low-frequency microwaves through a secure, dedicated wireless circuit.

Traditional methods of Internet connectivity—such as cable and DSL—are based on the use of hard media—such as fiber or copper wiring—and, therefore, are only available in locations with that technology in place. In contrast, WiMax uses wireless radio technology to transmit between points, so is free of the physical restraints associated with hard media access types.

Features & Benefits

  • Speeds up to 45 Mbps—broader range than conventional Wi-Fi networks
  • Directional antenna ensures signal security and integrity
  • Encryption technology helps ensure data security
  • 99.99% uptime SLAs
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Easy-to-use online management tool
  • Professional installation
  • Available in Las Vegas, Los Angeles/Orange County, San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley, Santa Barbara/Ventura

WiMax provides unique diversity for businesses that:

  • Find their existing broadband can’t keep up with growing business demands
  • Need quick installation times
  • Want a turn-key solution
  • Are located outside of the copper network and are left without a high-speed Internet access option
  • Have or can attain their building’s roof rights

Differentiating Between WiMax and Wi-Fi

It is a common belief that WiMax is simply the latest and greatest generation of Wi-Fi, but that is not accurate. In actuality, Wi-Fi and WiMax have a few similarities, but greatly differ in technical execution and their target audiences.

Wi-Fi takes a hardwired Internet connection (cable or telephone line) and offers a wireless means of accessing that connection through the use of a local area network (LAN). It is most commonly used as an affordable and convenient form of Internet connectivity. Wi-Fi is also used by businesses to create closed-circuit networks and by consumers to connect their home electronic devices to each other and the Internet. The primary drawback to Wi-Fi is each hotspot has a relatively small radius—typically a few hundred feet—of availability.

WiMax, like Wi-Fi, provides wireless Internet reception, but at a higher speed and by using different technology. Instead of using a foundation of a hardwired Internet connection, WiMax primarily creates a last-mile broadband connection by employing transmitters/towers that relay a signal to a consumer’s rooftop receiver. The signal then transmits to the customer’s router. WiMax offers a greater service range—up to 30 miles—than Wi-Fi and has the ability to reroute signals when a tower begins to experience high levels of traffic.

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