Wireless Broadband Service

Wireless Broadband can provide secure and reliable access to the Internet and VPNs.

Wireless internet service provides a more cost-effective, high-speed solution for locations that would otherwise require costly T1s. It also can be used as a fully redundant backup access service for your existing T1, Ethernet, DSL, or Cable service.

MegaPath Wireless Broadband service delivers 3G and 4G high-speed broadband connectivity to more places as both a fixed wireless solution and a managed failover solution.

Unlike other wireless Internet providers, MegaPath offers a complete portfolio of voice, unified communications, cloud, Internet connectivity, and secure data networking services to meet your business needs.

MegaPath Wireless Broadband:

  • Delivers 100% coverage for remote locations
  • Can be used as temporary access while you wait for terrestrial broadband to be installed
  • Offers a fully redundant backup solution for your MegaPath-provided access including T1, Ethernet, DSL or Cable services

Fully Managed & Secure

MegaPath deploys all the necessary equipment and sets up the service, then manages and monitors the network to ensure it is working for you. When part of an MPLS solution, MegaPath Wireless Broadband access uses IPsec encryption and is available with MegaPath's Managed Security services to ensure PCI compliance.


  • Nationwide coverage
  • Supports both 3G and 4G service (subject to availability)
  • Delivers always-on access for business applications
  • Supports multiple users per site
  • Offers access to your site-to-site MPLS VPN and the Internet
  • Provides sufficient bandwidth to support your business applications
  • Price plan options based on monthly data throughput
  • Fully managed with 24/7/365 support
  • Available with MegaPath Managed Security services to ensure PCI compliance
  • Offered as both a fixed wireless solution and a managed failover solution

Wireless as a Managed Failover Solution

Get the redundancy you need to keep working if your primary service gets interrupted. MegaPath Managed Wireless Failover automatically detects access issues with wireline connections and diversifies your network connectivity with 3G/4G wireless broadband service.

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