Private Cloud Hosting

With private cloud services, you can simplify IT complexity and reduce costs.

MegaPath Private Cloud provides your business with a secure, scalable virtualized computing solution on dedicated state-of-the-art hardware with built-in redundancy and failover. Build out servers virtually to create a hosted private cloud solution to fit your specific needs with no capital investment required.

What is a Private Cloud?

Private Cloud Diagram

MegaPath Private Cloud is a certified secure, high-performance infrastructure powered by VMware vCloud Datacenter, which optimizes segregated hardware and helps your business maintain regulatory and governance compliance. MegaPath allows you to burst into a private cloud from your own on-site data center using the VMware® vCloud Director portal, which provides detailed visibility into your cloud infrastructure so you can easily monitor, provision, and repurpose configurations for your Cloud resources. To ensure your private cloud is always available, MegaPath’s Private Cloud enterprise-class platform was designed to exceed your accessibility, security, redundancy, and speed requirements.

A Cloud to Fit Your Needs

Your business deserves a custom-built cloud that meets your exact requirements. Frequently, cloud providers offer “cookie cutter” clouds that require customers to accept limitations and preset parameters. MegaPath offers a robust and intuitive interface that gives you easy access to and control over your fully virtualized environment. Because MegaPath provides built-in firewall support and your choice of front-end security environments, you can customize your cloud environment to meet your business needs. In addition, to ensure you experience the highest levels of security, each customer’s environment is segregated from all other network traffic and is enabled with VLAN support within the cloud environment.

MegaPath Cloud Hosting services are ideal for businesses seeking superior systems and network performance, along with secure access to a scalable private cloud infrastructure. MegaPath Private Cloud runs on a fully redundant, high-speed 10G LAN and offers a centralized, secure user interface (UI) that can be deployed in multiple locations for businesses requiring multiple, geographically disperse environments. To ensure your cloud meets your business’ exact needs, each cloud is individually configured for custom virtual machine (VM) requirements, and we offer full support for Linux and Microsoft® environments. Our network, firewall, and IDS infrastructure provide high availability and security that your business can rely on for privacy and performance.

Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Your business’ data is invaluable, which is why MegaPath Private Cloud offers the optional VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) services to replicate VMware environments in customer data centers to a Private Cloud hosted by MegaPath. This ensures your data is available when and where you need it. SRM is a convenient and efficient method for backing up your VMs and data to a secure MegaPath site.


  • Focus IT resources on revenue-generating projects
  • Keep your data secure and available 24/7/365
  • Get servers running in minutes
  • Scale servers on demand
  • Improve data protection and backup
  • Support Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Optimize network and broadband performance
  • Avoid capital investment requirements
  • Pay for only what you need today
  • Reduce cost without sacrificing performance, security, or reliability
  • Centralize management and control of your entire IT infrastructure with web-based, rapid provisioning and monitoring.


  • Physically segregated dedicated hardware and network
  • VMware Virtualization technology
  • Flexible hosting option in Equinix SSAE 16 compliant data centers or Customer Premises
  • Ideal for customers with MPLS networks, providing secure access to a scalable infrastructure.
  • Fully-managed or self-managed using VMware vCloud Director management console
  • High Availability (HA), automatic failover system with 100% availability SLA
  • Fully redundant high performance 10G network, firewall, and IDS infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery options between network provider’s or customer’s datacenters
  • SATA, SAS, and SSD Storage options
  • Highest security level of cloud hosting that requires a dedicated hardware environment
  • Optional Site Recover Manager (SRM) services for replication and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Robust firewalling and IP load-balancing features with additional options available
  • Proactive performance monitoring, analytics and alert notification
  • Wide variety of operating systems including Windows and Linux and SQL databases

Professional Services

Many customers do not have the expertise to migrate to a cloud environment and if may not be obvious where to start. Our complete range of optional services will help you adopt and develop a flexible cloud computing approach that meets your business’ unique needs. Our Professional Services can be the bridge between your technology needs and a successful final result.

Available services include:

  • Cloud Assessment and Design
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Security Assessments and Firewall Administration
  • Implementing Special Projects
  • Reference Architecture Design
  • Operations Assessments for Application Tuning, Load Balancing, etc.
  • Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plans
  • Remote Hands

Our experienced technical staff can customize and implement a successful solution design, migrate your data with minimal business impact, and plan for additional managed hosting services.

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