Hosted PC Backup

112,000 laptops are stolen or lost each week in U.S. airports.

How quickly can you recover if your laptop is one of the unfortunate 12,000? How quickly can you rebound after accidentally spilling coffee on your PC and losing your data files?

Cloud backup and storage makes recovering from data loss a painless process because it enables you to restore your data files quickly, conveniently, and affordably. Because MegaPath understands that your data is your business’ lifeline, we partnered with Mozy—the world’s most trusted online backup service for consumers and businesses—to offer our customers a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-implement off-site data storage solution. MegaPath also offers cloud-based data backup for servers.

Rest assured that MegaPath’s Hosted Data Backup service keeps your business’ data safe, current, and accessible... anytime, anywhere you need it. When disaster strikes, trust us to help keep you moving forward.


  • No hardware to purchase and no tapes to maintain
  • Frees in-house resources to focus on other projects
  • User-friendly installation wizard
  • Automatic or scheduled data backups free IT resources from tracking backup schedules
  • Local data encryption prior to data transfer
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Data is stored off-site—safe from fire, theft, flood, etc.
  • In-client, in-Windows®, web-based, and DVD data restores available
  • World-class data centers with secure perimeters with card and biometric authorization, redundant power systems, multiple network providers, and cooling measures for optimal data storage

Leading Causes of Data Loss: Are You Protected?

  • 44% of data loss is due to hardware or system malfunction
  • 32% of data loss is due to human error
  • 14% of data loss is due to software corruption
  • 7% of data loss is due to malware
  • 3% of data loss is due to natural disaster
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