Hosted Data Backup for Servers

43% of businesses that experience a significant data loss never reopen.

We do a lot of things to protect ourselves from “what if” situations—for example having insurance policies, wearing a seat belt, and saving money for a rainy day. Have you taken the necessary measures to protect your business’ critical data from unexpected “what if” situations that can wipe out your data—such as natural disaster, human error, and malicious attacks?

Continuity is critical to your business’ prosperity, which is why having reliable online data backup for your servers is vital. Hosted Data Backup for Servers from MegaPath allows you to protect your business by remotely storing the data on your business’ servers on a regular, scheduled basis.

Why choose remote data backup? The answer is simple: It eliminates the risk of broken tapes, forgotten schedules, and hard drive failures. To ensure your server’s off-site backup data is secure and reliable, MegaPath partnered with Mozy—the world’s most trusted online backup service for consumers and businesses.


  • No hardware to purchase and no tapes to maintain
  • Frees in-house resources to focus on other projects
  • User-friendly installation wizard
  • Automatic or scheduled data backups free IT resources from tracking backup schedules
  • Local data encryption prior to data transfer
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Data is stored off-site—safe from fire, theft, flood, etc.
  • World-class data centers with secure perimeters with card and biometric authorization, redundant power systems, multiple network providers, and cooling measures for optimal data storage
  • In-client, in-Windows®, web-based, and DVD data restores available

Data Loss Facts

  • 34% of businesses do not test their tape backups
  • 77% of businesses that do test their tape backups discover failures
  • 50% of businesses without data management for 10 or more days after a disaster filed bankruptcy immediately (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)

Infographic: The Cost of Downtime

Server and connection issues are a common problem for businesses across the nation. Use this infographic to find out how much server downtime, data corruption, and security issues may be costing your business.

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