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Network Security Solutions & MPLS

Viruses, spyware, worms, malware, and service attacks are constant threats to a company’s network, data, time, and productivity. Their prolific nature results in a constant threat to a business’ computers, data, and critical applications. As these threats continue to grow in sophistication and severity, and without proper network security solutions, they can become a major organizational challenge.

MegaPath understands that electronic communication and data transfers, cloud computing, and web-based applications improve employee productivity and efficiency, which lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. While this reliance on technology is a great convenience to employees, customers, and vendors, it can also be a great source of risk. Unfortunately, the need and desire to maintain strong network security isn’t always reflected by business realities. According to a study by Yankee Group:

  • Companies with fewer than 50 employees often don’t have a dedicated IT person
  • The average 100-employee company has two IT staffers
  • Companies with 500-999 employees may have up to five IT people. Yet 92% of companies with 50-999 employees have no network security specialists on staff and 60% of those companies spend less than 1 hour per week on managing security

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MegaPath’s family of network security solutions eliminates security gaps, enforces appropriate use policies, promotes regulatory compliance, and reduces your total cost of ownership without negatively impacting your network, bandwidth, and financial resources. MegaPath can provide your business with an effective security solution that:

  • Focuses on risk management
  • Minimizes the use of compensating controls (based upon risk)
  • Includes careful consideration of technology and capabilities

Using VPN & Security Technologies for Managed Network Security Solutions

As a leading provider of secure access and managed network security solutions, MegaPath combines the best VPN and security technologies with unmatched design, deployment, monitoring, management, reporting, and support capabilities. We reduce the cost and complexity of securely connecting geographically distributed organizations and workers by serving as a single source of contact, managing every aspect of the process so you don't have to.

Because no two companies are exactly alike, MegaPath offers three different network security solutions to meet the diverse security needs of our customers:

  • Private Networking. A secure and cost-effective method—often using an SSL connection—for connecting your geographically distributed workforce.
  • Unified Threat Management. A consolidated, dynamic approach to network security.
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