PCI Compliance Services

Protect your Company and Maintain Compliance

The average cost to a business that has experienced a data breach is $5 million. In addition, 70% of businesses that suffer a data breach go out of business within one year. Not surprisingly, 96% of businesses that were breached were not PCI compliant.

MegaPath PCI Compliance Services

MegaPath can help you stay compliant through a network assessment, continuous network monitoring and management, and compliance assistance. A free network assessment will identify your network risks. Once threats and vulnerabilities are discovered, MegaPath will develop risk profiles to determine the probability of negative effects and potential costs.

MegaPath will then work with you to define a PCI compliance plan, which will include developing, deploying and fine tuning your network and security to achieve and maintain PCI compliance. With MegaPath’s Security-as-a-Service model, we continuously monitor and analyze your network, eliminating the need for you to hire network security personnel. As part of our comprehensive service, we will also work with you on quarterly security audits and quarterly external vulnerability scans, with corresponding reports to document PCI compliance.

Network Security Expertise, Experience and Infrastructure

MegaPath has a long history with PCI DSS and was the first communications service provider to achieve PCI/CISP compliance. We have maintained compliance ever since. MegaPath’s core competence is building, managing and monitoring private networks. In addition, MegaPath’s Security Operations Center personnel are experts in the identification of security threats and responses to security alerts, and also provide daily log reviews and reporting (per site). MegaPath also offers Managed Broadband Access, Managed Security, Managed Remote Access and Managed WiFi to address compliance gaps.


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