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Ponemon Institute - Cost of Breach

Find out the real cost of data breach and cyber-crime, in this interview with security expert Dr. Larry Ponemon.

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MegaPath has several network security services to match your needs, including Private Networking, Unified Threat Management, and Compliance Services. We combine virtual private network (VPN) and security technologies with unmatched design, deployment, monitoring, management, reporting, and support capabilities.

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Question 1 of 10

  1. 1.
    What range best describes the worldwide headcount of your organization?
Less than 100
100 to 500
501 to 1000
  1. 2.
    What industry best describes your organization’s industry focus?
Agriculture & food services
Consumer products
Education & research
Entertainment & media
Financial services
Health & pharmaceutical
Public sector
Technology & Software
  1. 3.
    What types of sensitive personal information does your organization routinely collect, handle or process?

Select all that apply.

Customer records, including Personally Indentifiable Information
Customer records, not including Personally Indentifiable Information
Consumer information
Employee records
Patient (healthcare) records
Student records
Citizen records
  1. 4.
    Approximately, how many active records containing sensitive personal information are in the control of your organization?
Less than 1,000
1001 to 100,000
100,001 to 500,000
500,001 to 1,000,000
1,000,001 to 10,000,000
More than 10,000,000
  1. 5.
    Did your organization experience a material data breach within the past 12-month period?
  1. 6.
    What best describes your organization's practices concerning the transfer of sensitive personal information to other organizations?
We never share
We only share with affiliates and/or subsidiaries
We occasionally share with various third party organizations
We frequently share with various third party organizations
  1. 7.
    Approximately, what percent of your company's IT operations are conducted in public or semi-public cloud environments?
1 to 10%
11 to 20%
21 to 30%
31 to 40%
41 to 50%
51 to 75%
76 to 100%
  1. 8.
    Do your organization's leaders and/or business owners consider information security and data protection a priority?
  1. 9.
    Is your organization's security budget adequate for preventing material data breach incidents?
  1. 10.
    Does your organization have a data breach incident response plan in-place today?
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