VPN Feature Comparison

How MegaPath MPLS VPNs Compare to Frame Relay and IPsec VPNs

FeaturesDIY IPsecVPNFrameRelayCompetitor MPLS VPNMegaPath MPLS VPN
Private circuits, not public Internet, for superior performance/reliability, easier troubleshooting, and reduced risk of Internet-based attacksUnavailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Connection-based versus packet-forward routing for faster data delivery and better network management capabilitiesUnavailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Separate classes-of-service for real-time (VoIP) and business-critical applications (ERP, financial transactions)UnavailableUnavailableAvailableAvailable
Fully meshed versus hub-and-spoke network topology standard for lower latencyUnavailableUnavailableAvailableAvailable
Scalable architecture and manageability to support growing businesses with dozens or thousands of sitesUnavailableUnavailableAvailableAvailable
Low total cost of ownership due to low CapEx requirements and outsourced management, and 24/7 monitoring and supportUnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
Wide selection of access technologies offered nationwide (DSL, cable, wireless, or T1/T3)UnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
Built-in security gateways to provide firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus, anti-spam, and Web filteringUnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
Data encryption optional—maximize security or increase throughput with low-cost CPEUnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
IPsec or SSL VPN remote access for mobile workers/partners with application and device-specific access control policiesUnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
Automatic back-up redundancy options featuring DSL, cable, or wireless accessUnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
End-to-End SLAs (availability, MTTR, latency, packet loss, installation intervals, etc.) on T1/T3, DSL and cable accessUnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
4-hour onsite CPE maintenance with T1/T3, DSL, and cable accessUnavailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
Multiple CPE options from Cisco, Adtran, and Motorola to address feature/functionality and cost requirementsAvailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
Flexibility to securely connect any site using its existing Internet access (suppliers, distributors, customers, ASPs)AvailableUnavailableUnknownAvailable
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