How MPLS Networking Works

Network Performance Starts in the Core

Network Coverage Map

As with any WAN solution, the strength of MegaPath's MPLS Private Network service starts with the underlying core network. MegaPath's all-optical MPLS network is engineered to maximize performance. Redundant OCx links and a fault-tolerant POP architecture ensure maximum uptime and reliability. In addition, our state-of-the-art MPLS routing technology delivers your data with exceptionally low latency and packet loss.

This advanced technology enables your data to traverse the entire network in a single hop, eliminating the performance degradation and loss associated with memory-intensive routing decisions. MPLS routing creates a fully meshed network topology with multiple paths between any two sites—instead of the hub-and-spoke topology typically found in IPSec VPNs—and automatically forwards your data via the optimal path, ensuring it is delivered quickly without bottlenecks or single points of failure. This makes MPLS ideal for supporting performance-sensitive applications, such as VoIP and videoconferencing.

Protect Your Network with Built-in Security

MegaPath's Site-to-Site MPLS VPN is a completely private network; to provide access to the Internet, you can route traffic through a firewall at your headquarters or through our managed security gateways. Note: If you use your firewall to provide Internet access, you need to purchase, install, and manage the firewall, and you need T1 or DS3 Internet circuit (s). MegaPath's security gateways deliver a complete suite of Managed Security services with 24/7 proactive monitoring and management plus Internet access for your entire network—all for considerably less cost and hassle than doing it yourself.

Extend the Reach of Your MPLS Network

Site-to-Site Cloud Diagram

In addition to dedicated T1/T3 access, the MegaPath MPLS Site-to-Site VPN service supports private DSL access via MegaPath's network-to-network interconnects with all of the leading broadband access providers. MegaPath also uses IPsec-to-MPLS integration to extend the reach of your MPLS VPN to sites that are connected over cable, DSL, or customer-provided Internet, resulting in a hybrid MPLS/IPSec VPN. This allows you to connect off-network business locations that require access to your MPLS VPN. We accomplish this by placing VPN routers at each off-network location and building an IPSec tunnel from the routers to one of the managed security gateways in our network. The security gateway maps the traffic from the remote location to your MPLS VPN, so there is no need to buy a dedicated IPsec concentrator. Once the IPSec traffic is decrypted by the security gateway, traffic traverses the MegaPath network using MPLS. MegaPath also integrates SSL VPN technology with its MPLS to provide remote users and partners with access to the MPLS VPN. By using SSL, you can grant and deny user-specific access as needed.

Prioritize Your Business-Critical Applications

QoS Diagram

MegaPath Quality of Service (QoS) classifies and prioritizes your network traffic into up to four classes of service. A typical design may include separate classes for real-time applications—such as Voice over IP (VoIP), mission and business-critical traffic—such as email applications, and data traffic for all other non-critical transactions. We enable QoS not only at the circuit level, but also throughout the entire MegaPath MPLS network, preventing vital applications from failing due to network congestion and usage spikes.

Separate traffic into up to four classes of service:

  • Real-time
    Voice and video for MegaPath's voice services, as well as customer VoIP and video traffic
  • Critical
    For mission-critical data, such as financial transactions, credit card data, etc.
  • Business
    For enterprise applications, such as SAP, Oracle, video surveillance, etc.
  • Data
    For low-priority traffic, such as Internet browsing, FTP, etc.

Watch a 3-Minute Video About MPLS

MPLS Site-to-Site VPN

Watch how MPLS from MegaPath is the simple, cost-effective solution for securely linking remote/branch locations.

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Designed for Your Network, Managed for Your Convenience

MegaPath uses a technical discovery process to determine which applications need to be prioritized and how to allocate bandwidth on your network. We configure routers at both ends of each access circuit and the core MPLS network to detect, mark, and prioritize the different network flows.

By deploying QoS Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) routers, MegaPath enables QoS on the on-network and off-network circuits. Traffic is prioritized through the QoS functionality of MegaPath’s all-optical MPLS network. On-network circuits prioritize traffic bi-directionally between the CPE and the MegaPath network; off-network circuits prioritize upstream traffic to mitigate issues associated with uplink congestion. MegaPath's QoS-enabled nationwide MPLS network allows for improved packet delivery while minimizing latency and jitter.

MegaPath's Site-to-Site MPLS VPN service can be combined with our complete suite of managed security services and remote access VPN to create a robust, reliable enterprise-wide solution.


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