Secure Remote Access VPN Services

A secure and cost-effective solution to meet the increasing demands of your mobile workforce.

With the increased adoption of dispersed workforces and disaster readiness protocols, businesses have a growing need for reliable and secure communications, as well as secure private networks. Remote Access SSL VPN enables your workforce to securely access mission-critical data from anywhere, regardless of your business size.

Easy Remote Access – From Any Location

Remote Access SSL VPN provides secure, cloud-based remote access and extranet capabilities for authorized users. This includes access to applications and data files. Users connect through a Web browser using their network sign-in credentials and gain full access to corporate resources such as email and other applications. Employees can securely access the VPN using their choice of device.

Simplify IT

Although IPsec VPN solutions meet certain business needs, they don't provide secure anywhere-access. Business owners and IT administrators need a proven, integrated SSL-based secure access solution that can be rolled out rapidly and managed with ease. Because MegaPath’s Remote Access SSL VPN is a managed solution, businesses eliminate the need to buy or manage a remote access system. Instead, MegaPath’s team of remote access experts handles the implementation and day-to-day management, freeing up IT resources.

Speedy, Secure Network Integration

MegaPath Remote Access SSL VPN services work in conjunction with the MegaPath MPLS network, and can be fully integrated into the network environment in significantly less time than it would take to build an infrastructure solution. Because all traffic over the MPLS VPN is encrypted using SSL, it is protected from unauthorized users. And, the solution includes complete monitoring and detailed reporting to help with regulatory compliance.

Keep Your Business Operational, Even When Disaster Strikes

Because MegaPath Remote Access SSL VPN services can be accessed using a Web browser on virtually any device, disaster recovery has never been easier. Remote Access SSL VPN services from MegaPath are a vital part of a business continuity strategy in case of disaster, inclement weather, or an unforeseen event.

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