How Secure Remote Access SSL VPN Works

Securely connect to a network from anywhere.

Remote SSL VPN Diagram

Remote Access SSL VPN Diagram

Remote Access SSL VPN services help businesses support a remote workforce by providing employees with secure access to email, data, and network resources, regardless of an employee’s location or the device in use.

  • A user’s network credentials provide full access to any resources on the corporate LAN through virtually any Web browser
  • Provides secure access using any device—tablet, PC, Mac, or mobile
  • Supports any application (Web-based, client/server, legacy)
  • Runs across any network (wireless, wired, dial)
  • Works in conjunction with the MegaPath MPLS network
  • All traffic is encrypted using SSL, protecting it from unauthorized users
  • Includes complete monitoring and detailed reporting to help with regulatory compliance
  • MegaPath’s team of remote access experts handles the implementation and day-to-day management
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