Retail Access SSL VPN

Access and Manage Your Retail Applications Anytime, Anywhere

With MegaPath Retail Access SSL VPN, retailers can easily, securely, cost-effectively, and remotely manage operations. Business VPN technology from MegaPath provides a secure connection from any Web browser to your systems, allowing you to quickly access point of sale (POS) solutions and back office PCs, as well as perform routine application maintenance and troubleshooting. For retail customers with multiple locations, you can access all store systems remotely from a central site.

The flexibility provided by MegaPath's Retail Access SSL VPN enables you to closely monitor your stores/restaurants without having to be on site. Now you can conveniently check to see how your new promotions are affecting sales or whether certain sites need additional supervision.

All this information is accessed simply by logging on to a Web browser. You can do it from the comfort of your home office, one of your other stores, the departure gate at the airport, or a wireless hotspot in a distant city. This powerful remote access technology frees you from having to continually be on site and enables you to focus on management responsibilities that require the most attention.

MegaPath—a retail access SSL provider—delivers a full range of nationwide voice, data, and security services with the power to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Strong Authentication and Secure Access

Leveraging industry-leading SSL VPN technology, MegaPath Retail Access SSL VPN provides you with secure remote access to approved applications at your retail site(s). This means that only approved users—as determined by you or your system administrator—gain access to site applications. For example, a franchisee would only be able to access applications from his/her stores, not those owned by other franchisees, even if they are all on the same corporate network.

For the highest levels of security, MegaPath Retail Access SSL VPN provides strong authentication to help ensure only approved users gain access to these applications.

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