Advanced Firewall Protection

Stop Malicious Attacks Against Your Network in Real-time

The MegaPath Managed Firewall service provides a first line of defense against intrusions and other network threats. By using a hardware-based architecture to filter inbound and outbound traffic, a network firewall from MegaPath blocks malicious traffic before it can consume your network’s bandwidth or last-mile circuit. MegaPath's advanced firewall protection protects your network against unauthorized users, dangerous protocols, and common network-layer attacks without impacting the performance of your network or applications.

The MegaPath Managed Firewall service is available in two configurations: basic for small business and branch offices, and advanced for medium and large, distributed enterprises. Both services seamlessly integrate with other MegaPath networking and security solutions for extended functionality and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Helps ensure network security with deep-packet inspections
  • Enables network segmentation for increased policy granularity and compliance
  • Offers cloud-based or premises-based implementation
  • Supports up to 500 firewall policy rules
  • Supports H.323, SIP, and SCCP protocols to protect VoIP services


  • Stops unwanted traffic
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Maintains application integrity
  • Minimizes threat-based downtime
  • Reduces risks associated with blended attacks
  • Generates summary and detail reports
  • Offers service options to match your business and network needs
  • Bundles with MegaPath data services
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