Web Filtering Service

Enforce Appropriate Use Policies and Control Web Surfing

The MegaPath Web Filtering service blocks access to harmful, inappropriate, and dangerous websites that may contain phishing/pharming attacks, malware, crimeware, or objectionable content that can expose corporations to civil or criminal liability. This network Web filtering service also provides valuable insight into your organization’s web-browsing activity and helps you meet government regulations, compliance standards, HR policies, and corporate Internet usage policies.

Key Features

  • Acts as a real-time Internet content filter and Web filter
  • Provides real-time protection against suspect, unauthorized, and dangerous websites
  • Blocks access to common sources of spyware, viruses, and peer-to-peer applications
  • Includes a white list/black list filtering feature
  • Includes extensive reporting capabilities
  • Offers cloud-based or premises-based implementation
  • Coordinates security alerting, logging, and reporting


  • Enforces appropriate use policies
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Preserves bandwidth
  • Minimizes threat-based downtime
  • Reduces risks associated with blended attacks
  • Updates filters continuously
  • Integrates with MegaPath data services
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