MegaPath Solutions

Corporate Business Solutions

MegaPath offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice, unified communications, cloud, Internet connectivity, and secure data networking services to help businesses of any size succeed. We can customize solutions to meet your business’ specific needs and offer solutions tailored to unique industry requirements.

Small & Medium-size Businesses (SMB):

MegaPath delivers secure broadband access and managed network solutions that enable SMBs to cost-effectively connect their business locations to each other, the Internet, and to their business partners. MegaPath’s products and services (small business IT solutions) can be easily managed by any company with limited IT resources.

Enterprise Business Solutions:

Whether you are a financial services business with hundreds of branch offices, a regional restaurant chain with multiple remote locations, or a national insurance company with hundreds of remote workers, MegaPath delivers tailored services that address the remote access needs of your widely distributed workforce. Our enterprise business solutions help companies reduce capex and opex, optimize systems and network performance, improve collaboration, and protect proprietary data.

Industry Solutions:

Today's healthcare organizations—including education, research, administration and patient care—confront numerous challenges in their effort to increase efficiency and deliver quality patient care. MegaPath provides quality managed broadband IP VPN, cloud-based, and security solutions that allow the healthcare industry to deliver quality patient care with higher efficiency, improved data protection, and better collaboration.

Insurance & Finance
Changing regulations and legislation presents both opportunities and challenges in the insurance and finance industries. MegaPath's managed services and cloud-based solutions allow Insurance and Financial Services companies to leverage technological advances in communications and applications to gain a strategic advantage.

MegaPath is a single source for nationwide business-class voice, broadband, private networking, security, and cloud services for the retail industry. MegaPath empowers retailers to control store costs with services that scale according to store size, application needs, and seasonal changes. Our security and compliance services and expertise help retailers comply with evolving regulatory requirements and safeguard against data theft.

MegaPath powers today’s restaurant environments with a full range of business services designed to help restaurant owners and managers deliver superior guest experiences, improve customer loyalty, and control costs. By relying on modern voice, data, networking, security, and cloud services from MegaPath, restaurants can also securely connect locations, headquarters, and data centers; prepare for innovations such as tablet- and kiosk-based ordering and payment, and equip themselves for industry changes like chip and PIN technology.

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