Exclusive Ponemon Study on Security Issues in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and large healthcare-delivery organizations have massive budgets and the IT staff to manage data-security issues on a daily basis. But what about smaller healthcare organizations and providers? Millions of medical offices, nursing homes, diagnostic labs, and other small healthcare organizations in the U.S. have limited budgets and little to no IT staff. With such limited resources, how secure is their patient data?

Data Security

Watch a two-minute video of security expert Dr. Larry Ponemon on medical identity theft and other findings from the Ponemon Institute's study Data Security in Small Healthcare Organizations.


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Data Security in Small Healthcare Organizations

MegaPath commissioned a Ponemon Institute study of security practices in smaller healthcare organizations. The results:

  • 91% of respondents had experienced a breach of protected health information (PHI) in the previous 12 months; of those, 29% resulted in medical identity theft
  • 52% of respondents rated their security technology plans as ineffective
  • 43% of respondents had experienced medical identity theft in their organizations
  • 55% of respondents had to notify patients of a data breach in the previous 12 months
  • On average, less than 10% of the respondents’ IT budgets are spent on security

Managed Network Security for Healthcare

Network security is a growing concern for the Healthcare industry, yet limited budgets and staffing make compliance a difficult task. New wireless technologies, EMR conversion projects, regulatory changes, and growing medical identity theft concerns are bringing network security projects to the top of many IT practitioners’ to-do lists. MegaPath’s technology foundation helps healthcare organizations by:

  • Enforcing security policies
  • Protecting the network
  • Reporting on security issues and performance for regulatory compliance


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