Solutions for Small and Medium-size Businesses

Gain Better Control over Your Communications: Small and Medium Business Portfolio

From voice and high-speed Internet across a single site or multiple sites, MegaPath has services designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. Whether you work from home or manage up to 200 employees across multiple sites, our services are designed to stretch your IT budget and increase your productivity.

We designed our services so you don’t have to manage your network. You can get complete communication solutions—such as Hosted Voice, Unified Communications, and Internet access, as well as cloud-based or premises-based security. And, we are one of the largest nationwide providers, so you can get MegaPath services anywhere you work in the U.S. Additionally, we offer Internet access services in 200 countries worldwide to support global offices. With MegaPath, you can connect all of your business locations securely and collaborate more effectively, all with the convenience of working with a single provider.


High-Speed Data: Our connectivity services for small businesses start with ADSL or DSL—with download speeds up to 20.0 Mbps. We also provide traditional symmetrical 1.5 Mbps T1 service to ensure that you are can multi-task using voice and data while you work. Our popular Business Ethernet—with speeds up to 45 Mbps—provides the best value for businesses, with the lowest price point for data and strong SLAs of 99.999%.

Business Voice (VoIP): Reduce the cost of your phone system with our Hosted Voice, Unified Communications (UC), SIP Trunking, or Line and PRI services.

  • Hosted Voice is a simple solution for small companies because MegaPath hosts and manages your phone system. There are no upfront costs, only a simple per-seat/employee charge and a simple monthly charge for your data. With MegaPath’s Hosted Voice service, we provide Quality of Service (QoS), which guarantees you will experience clear voice calls and effective monitoring services, so we know how your system is performing at all times.
  • Unified Communications turn your desktop, tablet, and smartphone into a business telephony experience with the added advantages of video conferencing, business line SMS texting, instant messaging, and presence management features. MegaPath UC features are seamlessly integrated with MegaPath Hosted Voice in a single interface.
  • SIP Trunking delivers the cost savings and benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP) to small and medium-sized businesses. Customers reduce costs and simplify IT management by leveraging your existing IP PBX equipment and your existing broadband connection for both voice and data.
  • Lines and PRI is a fit for small businesses wanting the cost savings of VoIP while maintaining your current voice infrastructure.

Virus Protection: MegaPath manages its nationwide network helping to ensure that all circuits are clean and protected from any viruses at the core.

Private Networking: MegaPath can securely link several locations with its MPLS private networking service. MPLS provides Quality of Service (QoS), which assigns a priority level to each packet type (voice, data, credit card).

Compliance Solutions: In order to help businesses meet their numerous regulatory needs, MegaPath designed its compliance solutions to solve log, vulnerability, and security information management issues.

Cloud-based Collaboration. Discover how Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint® from MegaPath can increase employee productivity, efficiency, and communication. Use these cloud-based solutions to help ensure better collaboration between your employees, customers, and vendors.

Remote IT Support. MegaPath Remote IT Support provides access to US-based IT professionals with the in-depth expertise to help you resolve issues or manage your LAN. Delivered through a secure remote support session, Remote IT Support is available per incident or through a monthly subscription.

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