Find Me / Follow Me

Move freely. Your Calls Will Find You.

Advanced Voice features—such asFind Me / Follow Me—help you work smarter and increase your productivity. No more phone tag, missed calls, or hotel long distance surcharges.

Work Smarter

  • Give out one number and never miss another important call.
  • Keep mobile and home numbers private.
  • Calls ring to multiple phones at the same time or in the order of your choice.
  • Calls from a specific client ring to employees who can help.
  • Route VIP callers to you, no matter where you go.

How It Works

Find Me / Follow Me combines two powerful features:

  • With Simultaneous Ring, calls to your business phone can ring simultaneously at up to ten additional phones—such as your alternate business and mobile phones.
  • With Sequential Ring, calls to your phone can ring sequentially at up to five additional phones.
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