Visual Voicemail

Receive visual voice messages and faxes directly from the MegaPath Voice Manager Portal

Advanced Voice features—such as Visual Voicemail and Fax-to-Email—help you work smarter and increase your overall productivity. No more phone tag, missed calls, lost faxes, or hotel long distance surcharges.

Work Smarter

  • Check your messages faster—no more pressing buttons in phone trees.
  • Enjoy full control over message playback—fast forward, rewind, pause, or replay. Read voicemails as text with automatic voice to text translation. Optionally, you can see all your messages in your email inbox and prioritize messages at a glance.
  • View inbound faxes in your email inbox.
  • Forward voice and fax messages to email recipients.
  • Save important message files for your records.

How It Works

With MegaPath's Visual Voicemail, you can view, play and read your voicemail and fax messages directly through the MegaPath Voice Manager. Additionally, you can receive copies of your voicemail messages via email as audio (.wav) file attachments and faxes as PDF file attachments.

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