How Hosted VoIP Works

Phone and Broadband Service over a Single Connection

With MegaPath's Hosted Voice service, you make phone calls using the same broadband connection you use for your Internet service. Phone system functionality is hosted on MegaPath's private network, which minimizes your upfront costs. MegaPath provides you with your broadband, IP phones, long distance calling plans, and advanced calling features—like new Hosted Voice Mobile.

A diagram on how Hosted Voice works






Your MegaPath Hosted Voice service includes:

  • Calling and Long Distance Plan: Choose a calling or long distance plan  that fits your business need.
  • Company-wide Features: Services such as Auto Attendant and Hunt Groups are available as optional add-ons to your service, for use by your whole company.
  • Broadband Connection: Select from one of MegaPath's business class broadband options, including DSL, T1, Bonded T1, and Business Ethernet with speeds up to 20 Mbps. MegaPath's voice-optimized nationwide network ensures reliable connectivity and security, while providing consistently clear voice quality.
  • Voice Gateway: MegaPath provides equipment that manages your voice and data traffic, ensuring that you experience the best possible call quality.
  • Employee Features: Basic and advanced calling features are included in the calling plans for each employee. Advanced features—such as Visual Voicemail, Find Me/Follow Me, and Hosted Voice Mobile—help increase productivity and are part of the MegaPath Hosted Voice standard feature set. These advanced features are not available with traditional phone services.
  • IP Phones. Select from many high quality phones from Cisco and Polycom.
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