MegaPath Hosted Voice. Now with Mobile Integration.

With MegaPath's Hosted Voice, you can take advantage of one number VoIP calling from your desktop and smartphone.

Hosted Voice Mobile is a new, advanced, and easy-to-use feature that allows you to easily make or take calls from your desktop and your smartphone and allows you to quickly change call routing. With a single click in an easy-to-manage Web portal, your calls appear to originate from your VoIP number and all of your calls are routed through your Hosted Voice interface. Depending on your chosen calling plan, you can also get all the unlimited local, nationwide or global calling benefits of Hosted Voice plus the ability to call from anywhere with MegaPath's new Hosted Voice Mobile.

Benefits for Hosted Voice with Mobile Integration

  • No PBX or Key System to lease or buy—no management hassles
  • Affordable Global unlimited plans to 22 countries
  • Advanced Features to help you work smarter—
    • Find Me / Follow Me
    • Visual Voicemail—voice transcription
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Fax / Fax-to-Email
    • Easy-to-use Management Portal
    • Mobile Integration—Use VoIP on your mobile phone to work from anyplace, anytime
  • HD Voice—Ensures clear call quality whether you bring your own broadband or purchase broadband from MegaPath
  • Optional add-on features: Auto Attendant, Toll Free Numbers, Hunt Groups and more
  • Key System replication: Can purchase Hosted Voice in key system environment
  • Savings estimated at 50% over traditional telephony systems

How It Works

The Hosted Voice Mobile feature enables you to place outgoing calls via a portal on your smartphone and have your calls appear to come from your business office, as well as have any long-distance charges billed to your MegaPath Hosted Voice account.

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