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MegaPath Continues to Broaden Nation’s Largest Ethernet Footprint, Provides Ethernet Services to More Businesses in Outlying Areas

Pleasanton, Calif., August 20, 2013MegaPath Corporation, a leading provider of managed data, voice, security and hosted IT services in North America, today announced it continues to build out the broadest Ethernet footprint in the United States by expanding the availability of its Extended Ethernet services into an additional 208 Central Offices (COs). Now available in 592 COs with speeds up to 12x12 Mbps, MegaPath’s Extended Ethernet services reach 3.2 million business customers in 46 markets, with targeted availability in 700 COs by year end.

MegaPath’s Business Ethernet services, including Extended Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper (EoC), provide organizations with cost-effective, business-class, high-bandwidth alternatives to less resilient, more expensive access solutions. Ethernet services offer more resiliency than a Bonded T1 by using loop bonding technology that ensures if one loop in a bundle fails, the remaining circuits will continue to function. MegaPath’s Extended Ethernet services provide consistent speeds regardless of a customer’s distance from the CO, making it an excellent non-distance-sensitive alternative to EoC and Bonded T1 services for businesses located in outlying areas.

“MegaPath continues to strengthen its position as a major national provider of Ethernet services, by offering services to business customers that strike a balance between cost, performance and availability,” said Brian Washburn, Service Director, Business Network & IT Services, Current Analysis.

“MegaPath is committed to filling the connectivity gap in the U.S. by extending the reach of cost-effective, business-class connectivity solutions to more business customers,” said Dan Foster, President, Business Markets, MegaPath. “We continue to invest in growing the broadest nationwide Ethernet footprint because it is a superior technology that delivers optimum performance and resiliency for bandwidth-intensive business applications at affordable price points.”

As the nationwide Ethernet leader, MegaPath continues to aggressively expand its Ethernet service offerings. Today, MegaPath’s Ethernet over Copper (EoC) services are available in 700 COs nationwide, reaching approximately 11 million businesses in all 50 major markets, with speeds up to 135x135 Mbps. MegaPath also recently introduced asymmetrical Ethernet speeds to provide companies with a true business-class alternative to cable services by delivering business-class performance and features with real uptime guarantees. By year end, MegaPath plans to increase the availability of all of its Ethernet services, including its extended and asymmetrical services, into the same 700 COs.

Backed by MegaPath's nationwide all-optical IP network, its Ethernet services enable users to gain the competitive advantages offered by the company's Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities when supporting bandwidth-intensive and performance-critical applications like voice and video.

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About MegaPath
MegaPath is a leading business communications and network provider that helps businesses fully leverage the cloud. MegaPath’s award-winning service portfolio includes Voice, Unified Communications, SD-WAN, WiFi, and Internet services, backed by dedicated project management and 100% US-based technical support. MegaPath is uniquely positioned to deliver custom managed solutions to businesses that desire a broad range of high-value services from a single nationwide provider. With over twenty years of expertise, MegaPath empowers businesses of all sizes to simplify operations, improve communications, increase productivity, and lower costs.

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MegaPath Media Contact:
Tony Welz
Welz & Weisel Communications

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