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MegaPath Expands Wireless Failover Services to Support Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Company Also Broadens Wireless Nationwide Coverage with addition of 4G Wireless Service

Pleasanton, Calif., June 04, 2013MegaPath Corporation, a leading provider of managed data, voice, security and hosted IT services in North America, today announced the expansion of its Wireless Failover services and nationwide wireless footprint to include 4G. MegaPath’s Wireless Failover service provides customers with cost-effective, redundant backup Internet access to maintain critical revenue-generating business operations in the event of a primary service disruption.

Previously only available to enterprise-class customers, MegaPath Managed Wireless Failover is now available to single-site and SMB customers that use MegaPath for their primary access services. The fully-automated service leverages MegaPath Managed Customer Premises Equipment that enables MegaPath to actively monitor the primary broadband connection to instantly detect the need for a backup service and initiate failover and failback to primary once primary service is restored. When Wireless Failover service is present, the availability service-level agreements (SLAs) for the primary T1 and Ethernet access services increase to “five nines”, while DSL and Cable up-time guarantees increase to “four nines”.

“In today’s economy, businesses cannot afford to halt operations because employees can’t communicate or process transactions. Businesses require a continuity plan that includes a resilient connection to access data, process transactions and serve customers if a primary circuit is interrupted,” said Dan Foster, President, Business Markets, MegaPath. “With MegaPath’s Managed Failover services, MegaPath’s customers can rest assured that they have a cost-effective, resilient backup connectivity service to keep their business operational.”

MegaPath also expanded its wireless footprint, expanding its 3G coverage and adding a wide range of 4G wireless broadband pooled usage plans to provide nationwide coverage at competitive rates. The wireless services provide businesses with an affordable, high-speed connectivity option in locations that would otherwise require more expensive T1 or satellite connectivity. MegaPath customers can also leverage the new 4G and expanded 3G services as backup to their T1, Ethernet, DSL or Cable connections. The 4G wireless broadband access delivers speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G connections and provides real-time responsiveness to support videos and large file transactions.

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About MegaPath
MegaPath is a leading business communications and network provider that helps businesses fully leverage the cloud. MegaPath’s award-winning service portfolio includes Voice, Unified Communications, SD-WAN, WiFi, and Internet services, backed by dedicated project management and 100% US-based technical support. MegaPath is uniquely positioned to deliver custom managed solutions to businesses that desire a broad range of high-value services from a single nationwide provider. With over twenty years of expertise, MegaPath empowers businesses of all sizes to simplify operations, improve communications, increase productivity, and lower costs.

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MegaPath Media Contact:
Tony Welz
Welz & Weisel Communications

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