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5 Hottest Benefits of MegaPath’s New Managed WiFi Solution

Posted July 21, 2014

Connecting the growing number of customer and employee wireless devices is a challenge. The need for reliable and secure wireless internet access is a priority not only for employees, but for every type of customer – from hotel guests to customers in your store.

MegaPath’s New Managed WiFi Solution

MegaPath Managed WiFi is fully managed by MegaPath wireless networking experts through the cloud. MegaPath, a leading communications service provider, has visibility into, and control over, the customer wireless network to configure devices, run diagnostics and view reports. The wireless access points are continuously monitored to maximize WiFi performance. Each access point supports more than 100 users, and your managed WiFi network can support thousands of end-user wireless devices.


  1. Solution Doesn’t Require Onsite IT Support
    MegaPath’s Managed WiFi solution is 100% cloud-managed for quick and easy deployment. The solution doesn’t require any additional training or dedicated IT staff, making it an ideal solution for small-to-medium sized businesses or organizations with limited IT resources. Outsourcing your wireless network management is more cost-effective and affordable than expanding your wired LAN.
  2. Includes Worry-Free Installation, Management, and Monitoring
    Proactive network monitoring, hassle-free management and worry-free installation are key features of MegaPath’s Managed WiFi solution. MegaPath’s Network Operations Center continuously monitors, configures, and troubleshoots your wireless network.
  3. Advanced Technology from an Industry Leader
    MegaPath operates one of the largest end-to-end communications networks in the country– and a full range of data, voice, security and hosted IT services. MegaPath’s new Managed WiFi solution, a remote, cloud-based service, integrates the latest in network monitoring technology. Your Managed WiFi solution will receive the latest firmware and software updates seamlessly over the Web. The service also includes the most up-to-date security features that address all of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards.
  4. Scalability
    From small branches to large networks, MegaPath’s Managed WiFi solution enables your business to do something that’s increasingly important in today’s business world: scale. Access points feature advanced, enterprise-class 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies and can support more than 100 users each. This allows you to serve internal employees, customers, and visitors. Best of all, regular summary reports provided by MegaPath provide insight into your network and help you understand traffic, clients, and application usage.
  5. Diverse Product Portfolio
    Unlike other WiFi providers, MegaPath offers a complete portfolio of broadband, networking, voice, managed security, and cloud services. MegaPath also operates its own all-optical, nationwide network that’s built to deliver exceptional performance, security, and total redundancy.


Bottom Line: Lower Costs, Secure Connectivity and Improve Productivity

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, more than half of all monthly traffic from mobile-connected devices will be offloaded to the fixed network by means of WiFi and other solutions by 2018. Maybe it’s time to consider Managed WiFi from MegaPath.

Contact MegaPath today to learn more about the new Managed WiFi solution.


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