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Not Your Ordinary Business Phone: Five Features of VoIP Phones That Will Blow You Away

Posted March 16, 2015
Not Your Ordinary Business Phone

How to Do More with Unified Communications

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As the development of new technologies progresses, businesses everywhere are recognizing the benefits offered by streamlined IP phone systems. This next generation of communication solutions offers enhanced opportunities for team collaboration, cost-effective voice services, and widespread mobile support to help organizations optimize their output and processes. MegaPath’s Voice solutions offer a broad range of services to help growing companies get their communications in gear, surpassing the PBX of old and allowing employees to collaborate freely and productively without the tether of geographic location.

Here are the top five features of VoIP phones that will make you a believer.

  1. Video Capability
    Some VoIP phones come video ready with optional or built-in video cameras. High-definition (HD) video allows for point-to-point video conference phone calling and adds a personal touch by making remote employees feel like they are right there in the office. HD video provides users with a high-quality video experience on a wide range of devices – including Polycom phones, Cisco IP phones, and more.

    HD video calling also delivers numerous benefits that improve productivity and allow businesses to see the bigger picture. HD video allows personalized interactions and simulates face-to-face conversation. By seeing real-time reactions, workers are able to pick up on body language cues. Ultimately, HD video can improve company success by building rapport for stronger working relationships.
  2. HD Voice
    Many hosted VoIP phone services provide unmatched HD voice technology, allowing for supreme audio clarity whether using a speakerphone, hands-free headset, or a handset with your IP phones.
  3. Find Me/Follow Me
    With the Find Me/Follow Me functionality, users can decide how to route incoming calls. This ensures that inbound calls can be forwarded to an employee’s VoIP phone number, whether they are at work, traveling on business, or anywhere else in the world.
  4. Touch Screen
    Innovative touch screen technology available on some VoIP phones allows for precise navigation through contacts, virtual voicemail, and other features. With just the swipe of a finger, the vibrant color display affords ultimate control and ease of use.
  5. Unified Communications Functionality
    With MegaPath Unified Communications (UC), the desktop handset isn’t the only way to place or take a call or collaborate with other people. By downloading a softphone app for your desktop or tablet computer or your mobile device, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind working experience that supports today’s mobile work style and is proven to enhance productivity. MegaPath UC augments voice telephony with advanced collaboration tools including screen sharing, presence, instant messaging, SMS text messaging, and video conferencing—all using your business number and accessible through a single interface.

When it comes to the future of business communications, MegaPath Hosted Voice is paving the way, offering superior service and a more diverse set of standard VoIP features than alternative UC solutions. Our 24/7/365 customer care, self-service management portal, and trouble-free installation make MegaPath a compelling choice for your small business or enterprise VoIP communications and business internet needs. Contact MegaPath today at 866-270-7736 or


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