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SD-WAN Eliminates Challenges of Delivering High-Quality Voice and Unified Communications over the Internet

Posted April 25, 2017

If you’re an IT leader of a distributed organization, you have likely faced some or all of the following challenges when delivering enterprise class voice and unified communications (UC) services over your wide area network (WAN):

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  1. Wide-spread deployment of UC was inhibited by expensive WAN bandwidth. Internet links were economical but unreliable and difficult to support.
  2. Over-the-Top (OTT), bring-your-own circuit (BYOC) implementations suffered from voice and video quality and support issues.
  3. Lack of wide area network (WAN) control and visibility led to performance and management problems at remote locations (OTT, Off-net or BYOC).

Over the past year, SD-WAN has become the popular approach to private networking because it addresses these challenges by enabling the delivery of reliable voice and unified communications service over any WAN network with assured performance, visibility and remote monitoring. This is because SD-WAN uses bandwidth more efficiently to ensure the highest level of application performance while lowering bandwidth and hardware costs, and it’s easy to deploy and manage.

Ensure Application Performance over Any Transport

  • Run UC over private links, economical Internet links or Hybrid links to leverage cost, speed and flexibility
  • Optimize UC performance over any WAN link with sub-second packet steering and protection from blackout and brownout conditions
  • Benefit from an enterprise-grade WAN with dynamic multi-path steering and on-demand link remediation for performance protection and redundancy

Leverage Key Features to Optimize Performance

  • Use Real-time Application Failover to route calls and other priority real-time application traffic over the cleanest WAN connection to eliminate dropped calls, choppy sound quality and echoes
  • Use Forward Error Correction to guard against poor Internet quality even on a single WAN circuit, ensuring real-time applications, such as voice and video, are not affected by packet loss, latency and jitter
  • Use Bandwidth Aggregation to combine the bandwidth of two or more circuits to provide a single, faster, more reliable connection

MegaPath SD-WAN Enterprise can improve the quality of your connection even when experiencing packet loss. Watch these two videos that illustrate how 2% packet loss affects voice and video connection with and without SD-WAN.


With SD-WAN Enterprise:


Without SD-WAN Enterprise:


Simplify Branch WAN Connectivity

  • Turn up quickly with zero-touch IT cloud activation and management
  • Secure, scalable, Multi-tenant Gateway and Portal in the MegaPath cloud accelerates deployment
  • Virtual services from the cloud reduce truck rolls and associated costs

Performance Management and Monitoring

  • Deep visibility into the remote location network links, devices and applications in real-time and historical, including Off-net, OTT or BYOC
  • Business policies based on application priorities, usage, devices and location
  • Remote troubleshooting tools, including voice quality monitoring, accelerate root-cause analysis and reduce the time to resolve issues

MegaPath takes a best-of-breed, multi-vendor approach to Managed SD-WAN, giving businesses the flexibility to build the right solution for your business needs, size and budget. We put over 20 years of network design and management expertise to work for you to configure, provision, support and monitor your network. Please contact us today for help designing the SD-WAN solution that’s right for your business.

Source: Velocloud


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