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Your Business Backup Plan - Managed Broadband Failover

Posted October 14, 2013

Today’s businesses are increasingly reliant upon their Internet connectivity to communicate with customers and prospects, process transactions such as credit card payments, support voice communications, and to deliver a wide range of other services. While business-class Internet connectivity comes with business-class SLAs, they do allow some room for service disruptions, some more than others depending on the service type. If your business can’t afford even a minimal service disruption, you should consider a cost-effective failover solution to maintain critical operations in the likely event a primary data connection will be interrupted at some point.

MegaPath’s Managed Failover services give organizations the flexibility to select the backup service best suited for their business, including Wireless, Ethernet, T1, DSL and Cable. These Failover services provide customers with a high-availability, cost-effective business continuity solution for maintaining critical business operations in the event that their primary data connection will be disrupted.

The Backup Plan

Loss of service, even for a few minutes, can be detrimental to a business. The most common effects include lost revenue, decreased productivity and customer dissatisfaction.

MegaPath’s Managed Broadband Failover services alleviate that concern, providing business continuity through a variety of backup service options.

With a failover service in place, two things take place to avoid business disruption:

  1. Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) actively monitors primary and backup broadband connections to detect a disruption and initiate the failover automatically, rerouting services smoothly to the backup circuit.
  2. MegaPath’s Proactive Monitoring services react to the loss of the primary circuit by initiating the troubleshooting and repair process through our Network Operations Center (NOC).

These processes work simultaneously to protect businesses from experiencing loss of service by instigating an alternative service while problem solving to reinstate the original circuit. Once the original service is restored, all connections are routed back to the primary circuit and business continues as usual - all without presenting discernible work flow disruptions.

Benefits of Broadband Failover

The business world of today relies on networks in order to complete daily business, connecting both with customers and with colleagues. If a business can’t afford to be without connectivity, it’s essential to have a back up.

Using a business broadband failover system will:

  • Maximize network availability in the event of even the most minor disruptions in service
  • Prevent loss of revenue from interrupted transactions or missed deadlines
  • Maintain productivity by not disrupting workflow, and eliminate concerns of deleted data or misplaced information
  • Reduce security risks as a result of loss of primary system protection
  • Offer flexible service options - Wireless, DSL, Cable, T1, or Ethernet
  • Keep customers from being subjected to loss of functionality, allowing them to still access sites and communicate freely
  • Provide peace of mind when it comes to business concerns about system failure

Managed Broadband Failover is a business continuity service that offers redundant network connectivity. A small investment in this service means peace of mind that your business will have a safeguard against unexpected circuit disruptions, allowing you to avoid disruptions that can impact communications, customer experience, critical transactions, and ultimately, your bottom line.


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