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Success Story: Drew’s Entertainment

“If another disaster like Hurricane Sandy occurs, we can still keep the business up and running…”

– Les Kurin, IT, Drew Route 22 Properties
(parent company of Drew's Entertainment)

Increased Efficiency and Protection

Drew's Entertainment Logo

Drew’s Entertainment creates, produces, compiles and sells competitively priced recorded music for all seasons, themes, events, trends and holidays. Featuring the greatest party songs of all time, its music compilations have sold over 50 million albums since 1994.

The Challenge

  • Planned relocation in fall 2012 prompted concerns about the expense and practicality of transferring an outdated, PBX-based phone system
  • In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy flooded the old, 40,000-square-foot warehouse and office building in Edison, N.J., with 7 feet of water, destroying servers and hardware
  • Drew’s Entertainment sought cloud-services alternatives that negated the impact of these disasters and lowered the overall Total Cost of Ownership of voice, data and network IT, while still getting enhanced business functionality

The Solution

  • MegaPath’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange increases efficiencies via leading-edge email platform
  • MegaPath Enterprise Cloud enables migration of network infrastructure and applications to an off-site, highly scalable “all in one” architecture
  • MegaPath installs Hosted Voice, a phone solution that eliminates the pricey acquisition and management of an on-premise PBX while offering vastly improved business capabilities

The Result

  • Transition to new location is simplified without complex, expensive logistics for phone service. All that’s needed for Hosted Voice is a broadband network connection, IP phones and a voice gateway connection to a modem or router
  • No more costly, upfront purchases of servers, PBXs, cabling, hardware, etc. – along with the personnel to install it all, then maintain it. Now only an affordable, monthly charge applies for MegaPath’s voice, data and hosted IT solutions
  • New Hosted Microsoft Exchange more than doubles storage capacity, from 10 GB to 25 GB
  • Drew’s Entertainment is now prepared for a hurricane, flood or any natural disaster due to the off-site cloud-services migration and oversight of communications essentials with 100 percent redundancy/backup

In the Cloud and Out of Danger

Easing the Transition

Hauling the old phone system to the new location simply didn’t make sense. It would require immense labor costs to rip out the “old stuff” and get everything up and running in the new building. Besides, the old set-up was antiquated. It wasn’t Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-based, and it lacked many of the business-productivity upgrades that VoIP allows. “Had we stuck with the old system, the transitional financial burden would have been too great for us,” Kurian says.

Accelerated Capabilities

The upgrade in phone features has enhanced productivity and connectivity for the employees of Drew Route 22 and its subsidiaries. For example, Hosted Voice allows them to call from anywhere – using any device – and the person on the other end of the line sees the same, company-based phone number on the screen. When an associate, partner or customer calls, the Find Me/Follow Me feature ensures that it rings to whatever device that employee is using. “It makes working on the road or at home seem just like working in the office,” Kurian says.

A New Disaster Plan

Kurian and the Drew Route 22 senior management team were already committed to switching to Hosted Voice and Hosted Exchange after making the move to the new building. But the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy demonstrated how they could dramatically improve operations – while sharply reducing costs – by adding on MegaPath Enterprise Cloud for a broad range of infrastructure, applications and network IT services. “The storm seriously damaged the carpet and walls,” Kurian says. “So, naturally, the servers were destroyed. We decided then and there to opt for Enterprise Cloud, and we were quickly able to restore all of the data and applications that we kept on the old servers and hardware.  Without Enterprise Cloud, we cannot imagine how long that would have taken.”

“Thanks to MegaPath's cloud-based solutions, our hardware and equipment is now managed off-site within a highly secure environment.”

–Les Kurian
Drew Route 22 Properties
(parent company of Drew’s Entertainment)

More with Less

Drew’s Entertainment sand Drew Route 22 once depended upon six servers to handle all of its departments, like HR, finance, sales and marketing. This no longer the case after implementing MegaPath’s services. “Today, we have just three,” says Kurian, who works for the company as a consultant and is now recommending MegaPath hosted products to his other clients. “Our employees can run any report they want to on the cloud. They can administer new licenses, track royalties, and so much more. It used to require a lot of money up front to get this in place, and then you’d have to hire many different vendors to keep it all running. It’s not like that with MegaPath. The support for everything is all in one place.”

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