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Success Story: LatPro Inc.

“Mobility features and extension dialing in Hosted Voice unify our remote teams across the U.S. and Latin America. It’s as if the distance doesn’t even exist.”

– Otavio Fonseca, IT Director, LatPro Inc.

Building Client Relationships


Started in 1997 as the first board connecting bilingual Hispanic job seekers with recruiters, LatPro supports more than 124,000 registered users, with over 150,000 unique visitors a month. Over the years, the company has launched job fairs and several more online jobs resources. The company’s boards are consistently ranked among the top employment web sites and have won five WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards in the last decade.

The Challenge

  • Establish team cohesion among employees who work remotely across the United States and Latin America
  • Enable the company to easily add seats to support growth
  • Improve call quality
  • Reduce expenses

The Solution

  • Hosted Voice platform provides leading edge Voice over IP (VoIP) service and avoids the cost of managing and maintaining a PBX
  • Simple Web interface enables users to manage call handling and other features and empowers voice administrators to purchase new seats and services, pay bills, access support and more
  • Simple Self-Install option fit LatPro’s needs to get its eight U.S. and Latin American sites up and running quickly, while a dedicated project manager oversaw equipment installation and voice implementation from start to finish
  • MegaPath Anywhere mobile integration allows employees to collaborate and communicate from anywhere with one number VoIP calling from any device

The Result

  • Hosted Voice lets LatPro add voice seats for new employees – anywhere in the world – while functioning as if everyone is in the same office
  • International employees leverage softphone capabilities and MegaPath Anywhere mobility features to make or take calls using their Business VoIP calling number and plan from any device, including their desk phone, smartphone and home phone
  • LatPro team members receive voicemails delivered to their inbox transcribed as emails, boosting productivity
  • The Find Me/Follow Me feature ensures that staffers don’t miss important business calls, no matter which device they’re using

Serving a Community of Customers

A Small World

LatPro’s employees are based in five states across the U.S., and in Brazil and Argentina. Given the geographic range of the locations and a remote workforce, there was always the potential for a transferred call to disconnect, disrupting communications. Now, with everyone on a single voice system, LatPro employees never worry about this. Transfers and conference calls happen seamlessly, and call quality is superior. “Our founder moved to Boulder, Colo. a few years ago,” says Otavio Fonseca, IT Director, LatPro Inc. “This means that our headquarter is now in Boulder. But with Hosted Voice, we’re just an extension away from each other. We’re a united team, even though we’re telecommuting from all over the U.S. and Latin America.”

Simple Solution

MegaPath Voice Manager is easy for users to grasp and employees can manage their own features, call routing and more, leading to the quick adoption of tools such as MegaPath Visual Voicemail. This feature transcribes voicemail to text and delivers it to a user’s inbox, so employees can read voice messages via any device, even while on other calls. And, with Find Me/Follow Me, workers can set up their incoming calls to ring at multiple phones, such as their desk phone, mobile and/or home phone, either simultaneously or sequentially. “With Hosted Voice, our employees never miss important calls, and they can make calls and take calls on any device as if they are on their primary device using their Business VoIP number,” states Fonseca. “If it’s simple, employees will use it. When they do, their productivity increases, and they encourage everyone else to do the same.”

“We gain the superior call quality and sophisticated voice system features that larger enterprises enjoy, at a price that makes sense for our small, growing company.”

–Otavio Fonseca, IT Director
LatPro Inc.

Affordable Access

Although LatPro is a leading online job board, it is still a small business, so it can’t afford an excessive price for phone services. Hosted Voice is an ideal solution because there is no infrastructure to pay for or maintenance costs to bear. Plus, MegaPath serves all locations and remote employees, and LatPro receives just one monthly invoice. “When you have an office with 1,000 employees, you can hire someone to oversee maintenance,” Fonseca says. “But that’s not us. Hosted Voice gives us the same superior call quality and sophisticated features that larger enterprises enjoy. And, because MegaPath manages the system and includes technical support with every calling plan, I don’t need to spend hours troubleshooting phone issues, and our accounting department doesn’t spend excessive time reconciling and paying invoices from multiple providers. Now, instead of managing a voice system, I can focus on projects that support the growth of our business.”

Plugged In

MegaPath’s self-install option was the perfect fit for LatPro. “Installations went off without a hitch and were handled very professionally,” says Fonseca. “Every phone was pre-provisioned and shipped to each individual for a quick and easy installation. Employees simply plugged their phones into their routers and were good to go. MegaPath coordinated the process from end-to-end, including the porting of phone numbers.”

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