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Success Story: PTC Productions

“MegaPath’s network solutions and service are as close to flawless as anyone could ever expect. ”

– Torey Apuzzio, Production Director, PTC Productions, LLC

Reliable Technology Services, Simplified

PTC Productions uses Hosted Voice and broadband Internet access

Near the bright lights of Broadway, PTC Productions has emerged as a national leader in dance entertainment and training with a number of road-based events. “The PULSE On Tour” provides training and performances on weekends, with talented celebrity faculty recruited from shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, X Factor, America’s Got Talent, American Idol and Glee. The company also offers “Camp PULSE” for dancers age 8 to 13 and “Open Call” to connect performers with career opportunities.

Since 2001, PTC Productions’ goal has been to provide education based events at their very best. The company’s mission is to prepare all of its clients, educators, and performers for their unique journeys, in all of their chosen fields.

The Challenge

  • Antiquated analog network caused frequent service outages and dropped calls impacting PTC Production’s ability to answer inquiries and communicate with attendees, staff, and partners
  • Voice and data system was unable to provide remote employees with enteprise quality mobile business features, like visual voicemail or extension dialing
  • Slow Internet speeds hindered productivity, creating immense delays in attempting to upload and send video files, such as audition and promotional materials as well as remote server access
  • Email system could not keep up with PTC Productions’ fast-paced business because of back-end sync difficulties and security issues

The Solution

  • MegaPath Hosted PBX delivers 99.999% availability – the highest level in the industry – ensuring uninterrupted calls with outstanding conversation quality
  • Features such as Advanced Call Forwarding, Audio Conferencing, Visual Voicemail and Voice Manager ensure seamless transition between the office and remote locations
  • Voice and other business applications run over a dedicated broadband connection, providing high quality of service for even the most strenuous corporate data tasks
  • Hosted Exchange delivers reliable, protected enterprise-class email, enabling employees to continue working with secure access to email, contacts and calendars while on the road

The Result

  • Increased productivity for PTC Productions’ staff and higher customer satisfaction with regard to customer service and registration as well as attendance at the company’s dance conventions and competitions, training sessions, yoga “immersion” weekends, and other events, as dropped calls and outages are drastically reduced
  • Employees are always available, seamlessly working at the office or remote locations, leveraging their mobile devices like office phones, and promptly receiving emails and voice mails on their phones
  • The connectivity upgrade increased Web speed, so large promotional video files - that used to take days to transmit - now only take a couple hours
  • Remote employees can easily and securely access email through Outlook, ensuring all lines of communication are available when events are taking place

It’s Easier, Together

The Right Call

Prior voice and data providers couldn’t deliver when it came to reliable service, and PTC Productions’ team grew frustrated with dropped calls and outages multiple times a week. One outage lasted for days, and PTC Productions lost an unacceptable amount of business.

“There are no dropped calls or outages, and the conversation quality sounds as if you’re right in the room with the person you’re talking to.”

–Torey Apuzzio, Production Director,
PTC Productions, LLC

“We couldn’t keep rolling the dice on phone availability,” Apuzzio says. “That’s how many new and current customers contact us, and existing ones purchase upgrades. With MegaPath Hosted PBX, we transitioned from analog to digital, and no longer have to store a PBX box. There are no dropped calls or outages, and the conversation quality sounds as if you’re right in the room with the person you’re talking to.”

A Professional Presence

PTC Productions is either booking, coordinating or hosting major dance events every day of the week, across the country. Before working with MegaPath, PTC Productions’ remote email access was unreliable. Now with MegaPath’s Hosted Exchange, PTC Productions increased the productivity of its travelling and touring team members with dependable, secure email access.

“Previously, we encountered horrendous backend difficulties in attempting to sync with Outlook,” Apuzzio says. “It would show up as a Web portal, and we had to go through Gmail to access it. It didn’t look good, and was prone to security issues. Hosted Exchange gives us the same Outlook face and functionality as large companies have, and our people benefit from a much more professional, fully secured email experience.”

Virtually There

While on the road, Apuzzio and others on the PTC Productions team must coordinate with celebrity choreographers, instructors, partners, venue operators, public safety officials and many other parties to pull off a successful event. To sufficiently manage such a logistical load, they depend on Hosted Voice to use their mobile devices like the ones at the office.

“I’m only in New York two days a week,” he says, “so it saves me so much time to have calls, emails and voice mails automatically forwarded to my smartphone. And when I contact someone at PTC Productions in New York while traveling, I simply dial their extension on my device. I don’t need to look up and dial their full numbers. It’s an incredibly efficient and convenient way to work.”

From Pupil to Teacher

After installation, the transition was a breeze thanks to MegaPath’s comprehensive approach to training, as well as the knowledge base of its support team members. “They walk you through everything in a very easy-to-grasp, step-by-step manner,” Apuzzio says. “They get you to the point where you can train yourself on the various features. I’m never confused about how to use something.”

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