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Success Story: A Large Church

“MegaPath Managed WiFi helps us address the trend in our culture to always be connected, always communicating, everywhere.”

– Parish Center Coordinator

Modern Technology for a Modern Faith

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The large Roman Catholic Parish is a vibrant faith community located in Fair Oaks, California. Part of the Diocese of Sacramento, the parish offers services and ministries for all ages, within and beyond the church. Ministries include poverty alleviation and other community services, a K-8 school, and a Parish Center that hosts events for the congregation, the Diocese, and the community.

The Challenge

  • Highly proprietary phone system lacked basic features but came with expensive start-up costs, maintenance contract, and service fees.
  • Consumer-grade WiFi routers dropped the connection and did not support usage demands of large gatherings.

The Solution

  • MegaPath Internet and fully managed WiFi keeps worshipers, staff, volunteers, hundreds of parish hall guests, and Catholic School connected with highly reliable wireless Internet.
  • With zero up-front costs or maintenance contract fees, Hosted Voice costs less than previous systems, offers superior features, and is easy to manage.

The Result

  • MegaPath WiFi delivers secure, untethered Internet access from anywhere on the church campus. Plus, staff don’t have to worry about it, because it’s fully managed by MegaPath.
  • Cloud-based Hosted Voice better matches ministry needs, so the church can serve more of the community, more simply using features such as voicemail delivered as email and automated receptionist.

Meeting Expectations

A large Catholic Parish in Fair Oaks, California hosts worship, teaching, and fellowship for all ages; a school for 300 K-8 students; and a 10,000 square foot parish center. This center, with its commercial kitchen and state-of-the art audio/video system, hosts events for the parish, the community, and the Diocese.

Increasingly, parishioners, parents, event guests, and staff expect to connect to the Internet wirelessly. “Wedding reception guests are eager to upload photos to social media. During services, people access the day’s prayers and readings from the Catholic Register, online,” explains the Parish Center Coordinator. “Communication devices are the new prayer books.” The church’s consumer-grade wireless access points simply could no longer handle demand.

A Fast Connection

At the recommendation of the Parochial Administrator, the Parish Center Coordinator contacted MegaPath to inquire about replacing an expensive onsite phone system. He discovered that MegaPath also offers high-speed Internet and Managed WiFi. After a thorough side-by-side comparison, the Parish selected Hosted Voice, as well as, Managed WiFi and Internet from MegaPath.

WiFi access points provide a fast connection from anywhere in the Parish Center and the school. The WiFi even extends to the school parking lot for parents waiting to pick up their children. The connection is “solid and reliable, even when we host hundreds of guests in the Parish Center,” according to the Parish Center Coordinator. “MegaPath Managed WiFi helps us address the trend in our culture to always be connected, always communicating, everywhere.” The same access points provide both a public WiFi hot spot for visitors and volunteers, and a private, secure network for staff.

Better Service for the Church and Community

Using the advanced features of cloud-based Hosted Voice helps the Parish improve its service to the congregation and the community at large. For example, Pastors and staff can have voicemail delivered conveniently to their email Inbox, which they can access on their choice of device. “Right away, Parish priests can see who called, determine the urgency, and respond accordingly,” says the Parish Center Coordinator.

“My duties pull me in many directions, so it is nice to apply my expertise elsewhere, and rely on MegaPath, completely, for WiFi.”

–Parish Center Coordinator

The Parish can now accept and forward calls for St. Vincent de Paul, a ministry that annually assists thousands of people experiencing crises. “We couldn’t do that before,” says the Parochial Administrator, “so Hosted Voice makes it possible for us to better serve our hungry and homeless neighbors in the Fair Oaks community.”

Users could barely understand voicemails left on the previous system. “Calls and voicemails with MegaPath Voice are crystal clear,” says the Parish Center Coordinator. “This is a huge improvement for callers, staff, and volunteers, who no longer need to listen to a voicemail multiple times to decipher what is said.”

A Trusted Technology Partner

With WiFi fully managed by MegaPath network specialists, the Parish Center Coordinator doesn’t spend valuable time configuring or troubleshooting WiFi access. With training and ongoing support included, the Parish no longer has surprise charges on its invoices.

“I needed some refresher training on the phone system,” the Parish Center Coordinator adds. “Based on my experience with our previous providers, I expected there would be a charge. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that MegaPath would provide as much training as we needed, at no cost to us.”

A Single Provider

Working with a single provider offers significant benefits as well. “I used to spend hours resolving technical issues or billing discrepancies. Working with MegaPath, I only need to sign into the MegaPath Customer Portal or make a quick call when I have a question or need support. MegaPath is prompt to answer, and quick to solve our needs.”

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