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Telarus Inc., a MegaPath Partner

Utah-based master agent Telarus Inc. holds contracts with many of the world’s leading commercial telecommunications carriers. With independent agents conducting massive volumes of sales with SMBs and large enterprise customers, Telarus provides the required centralized consolidation to streamline and simplify the process for both agents and carriers.

Services Ahead of the Curve

Migrating to Managed Services

As a value-added distributor of telecom and technology solutions, Telarus is 100% focused on making the lives of both carriers and independent agents easier. This is why it has turned to MegaPath, which supplies Hosted Voice for businesses seeking a simple, streamlined approach to phone and data communications. In this cloud-driven environment, hardware – and associated headaches related to maintenance, oversight, etc. – is removed from the equation. “MegaPath is one of our most strategic suppliers,” Oborn says. “The company offers exactly what our agents sell most: network and cloud communication services.”

“Our agents are focused on staying in tune with the needs of their customers; services such as hosted VoIP, cloud applications, and access. These services are becoming critical to businesses and MegaPath has been ahead of the curve in anticipating the demand.”

–Patrick Oborn, Vice President of Marketing
Telarus Inc.

A Committed Partnership

Telarus gets more than top tech support from MegaPath; it has a bonafide sales partner. For agreements with smaller customers, MegaPath has integrated its products into GeoQuote, allowing Telarus partners to quickly and efficiently source and deploy “perfect fit” products from the start thereby reducing “human time” and increasing our overall profitability, Oborn says. On the higher-end deals, MegaPath encourages its team to work with Enterprise Sales representatives from Telarus. “That’s quite unique,” Oborn says. “We’ve found that other competing IP solution suppliers actually try to block us from pursuing customers in that segment. Working with – not against – us helps enormously when it comes to closing the big deals.”

A Potent People/Product Punch

Telarus is impressed with MegaPath’s combination of human assets and service options. MegaPath’s highly skilled engineers demonstrate a high degree of technical knowhow. “The engineers are unique in their ability to mix, match, prioritize and secure IP traffic,” Oborn says. “This expertise opens the door for our agents to sell applications, like hosted PBX, VoIP and security. That’s where a lot of margin is, and MegaPath greatly enhances our ability to close these sales.”

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice has established a no-upfront cost system with a simple per-seat/employee charge plus the cost of the phone itself. That’s all you need for Quality of Service (QoS) connectivity that guarantees clear voice calling and effective monitoring. Just plug your phone into the Internet and let MegaPath handle the rest.

Options to Spare

MegaPath can assemble a voice/data and security plan to suit your customers’ specific business functions and strategies. That means T1, DSL, DS3/OCx, and Ethernet services, as well as cable, satellite, and wireless broadband connectivity solutions. For businesses with remote employees, available features include Remote Office, Voicemail as Email and Find Me/Follow Me. MegaPath also offers managed security options that eliminate most, if not all, security threats most businesses routinely face.

Customer Focus

When you are a master agent, your sales agents are extensions of your business. So solution implementation and deployment must be seamless. Installation and performance issues cost agents money. And if your agents lose money, they walk away. “The greatest network on earth won’t make up for a missed customer phone call or a chronically inaccurate billing statement,” Oborn says. “MegaPath focuses on the customer. And when the customer is happy, we’re happy.”

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