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Success Story: Verge Fund

“MegaPath's Ethernet service finally gives us a great alternative to fiber.”

– Bill Bice, CEO, Verge Fund

Verge Fund

Verge Fund is a highly motivated super-angel venture capital fund that invests in seed-stage, high growth start-ups in the Southwest. Located in Albuquerque, NM, the Verge Fund office is a renovated downtown warehouse that serves as the epicenter of technology startups. The location supports Verge Fund’s employees and approximately 10 of its venture companies.

The Challenge

  • Replace Verge Fund’s prior connectivity solution with a Broadband solution that could be installed quickly
  • Install an affordable access type that can support an IP-based voice solution
  • Choose a data and voice provider with nationwide services that can connect Verge Fund’s employees and 10 of its venture companies

The Solution

  • MegaPath Ethernet provides the affordable, reliable connectivity and support for Voice with QoS
  • MegaPath guarantees the high-speed data and voice solutions that Verge Fund requires to work efficiently and effectively
  • The new wireless network acts as a reliable backup connectivity option for Verge Fund

The Result

  • MegaPath 20x20 Mbps Ethernet is more affordable than the fiber alternative while offering the same quality and reliability
  • MegaPath Ethernet saves Verge Fund over $500 per month in direct cost savings
  • Verge Fund enjoys the quality of MegaPath’s Hosted Voice and the convenience of receiving a single monthly bill for its Ethernet and Voice services

Reliability Done Right

Affordable, Reliable Data

MegaPath’s Ethernet service enables Verge Fund to affordably connect its employees and venture companies while receiving one predictable bill each month. In addition, Verge Fund can now experience fast download speeds and high-quality voice communications over its Ethernet connection.

High-Quality Hosted Voice

With Verge Fund’s adoption of 20x20 Mbps Ethernet, the company can experience fast upload speeds and high-quality IP-based phone calls with MegaPath’s Hosted Voice service. Hosted Voice enables employees to benefit from advanced calling features—such as Find Me/Follow Me, Hosted Voice Mobile, and Visual Voicemail— and Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure voice quality from end to end.

“MegaPath Ethernet gives us the same speed and quality of service as fiber, but at a much lower cost.”

–Bill Bice, CEO
Verge Fund

A Lasting Relationship

MegaPath’s robust product portfolio, rapid installation time, and 24/7/365 customer service have given Verge Fund the welcomed peace of mind that accompanies choosing a single provider for its data and communication needs.

“Before switching to MegaPath, the quality of our Voice over IP services did not meet our expectations, which led us to search for a new communications provider that could support our voice and data connectivity needs. We looked at all of the traditional fiber providers, but they are expensive. MegaPath offered the first realistic alternative to fiber and now we have a fiber-quality connection at a reasonable price point.” —Bill Bice, CEO, Verge Fund.

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