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Makes Your Business Disappear

Downtime is any time you lose internet connection, resulting in failure to perform business tasks. So when downtime strikes, phone calls are disconnected, emails aren’t delivered, and downloads stop.

Effectively, your business becomes invisible to the world.


Our No Downtime Solution

We combine the best Internet access and networking technologies available. That allows us to offer our customers a 100% Uptime Guarantee.


Flexible Connectivity

We will work with you to select the Internet access options that are the best fit for your specific needs. Combined with our cloud service and gear, you will say goodbye to downtime.

Real-time Failover Technology

SD-WAN is a revolutionary new networking technology, which combines multiple Internet sources to keep you connected even when one goes down, even in the middle of a phone call or videoconferencing. With enterprise-grade networking that even small businesses can afford, downtime is a thing of the past.

Simply stated, we guarantee you won’t be down even one second in a year.

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The Costs of Downtime

It can seem trivial - going offline for a few minutes, but downtime is very costly and those outages add up. According to Forrester research, small businesses, on average, stand to lose $12,500 per hour of downtime. Their average loss of profit for all businesses per hour is a staggering $212,000. Think of being down for an entire 8-hour business day. That’s not the kind of money anyone wants to see go out the window.

Small businesses stand to lose $12,500 per hour of downtime.

Why Does Downtime Happen?

No Backup Connection

Construction work can cut lines, storms can knock out power to servers, and human error can break your connection. If you only have one connection, it’s only a matter of time before you experience downtime.

Poor or Insufficient Connections

If your connection isn’t strong enough for what you need or is weak, you’re at risk of downtime. It’s vital to know how much bandwidth you need.

Power Outages

An unreliable or overburdened power source is another common reason downtime occurs. Your networking solution should be prepared to deal with brownouts and power outages.


Learn More About Why Downtime Happens and How to Avoid It

Our Customers Say it Best


“MegaPath helped us design a solution that fits our business goals as well as our budget. And now with the MegaPath RED 100% uptime guarantee, you can’t go wrong. Whether you have one or multiple locations, MegaPath is the right solution for your business”.

– MegaPath customer James Elliott, President, James G. Elliott Co., Inc.


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Who is MegaPath?

MegaPath is a team of business communication experts who have been building custom solutions since 1996. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Business Voice, Unified Communications, Cloud IT, Business Internet, Private Networking, and Security services that increase productivity and customer satisfaction, while lowering costs.

Every business is different, so we do a little bit of everything so that we’re equipped to handle anything.


We take pride in creating the right solution for the businesses we work with, and we provide highly-trained service representatives 24/7/365 for support.


You Don’t Need to Put Up With Downtime.
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Pricing and promotions subject to location, availability and contract terms. Requires 2 or 3-year contract term. All provided equipment remains the property of MegaPath. All listed charges are exclusive of taxes, fees and other assessments. MegaPath reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time. Early Termination Fees and additional Hardware Fees may apply. Additional restrictions and other conditions apply. Promotion expires . All services are subject to MegaPath’s Corporate Policies.

MegaPath guarantees 100% uptime on selected SD-WAN Enterprise and Internet Access services, and will pay a one-time SLA credit (up to 100% of monthly recurring charges for service). The 100% Availability SLA Credit is subject to and limited by the following terms and conditions:

  • SLA credit shall be assessed for the MegaPath SD-WAN Enterprise, Voice and Internet Access monthly services impacted at the specific Customer location, and do not include charges paid by customer to 3rd parties or other locations. SLA Credit payout schedule is as follows:
    • 100% Availability – No Credit
    • 99.5%-99.9% – 10% MRC Credit
    • 99.0 – 99.49% – 25% MRC Credit
    • <99.0% Availability – 100% MRC Credit
  • The MegaPath 100% Availability SLA shall supersede and replace any SLA credits otherwise assessed for SD-WAN Enterprise and access services, as such SLA credits are described here
  • SD-WAN Enterprise and at least one MegaPath T1 or Symmetrical Ethernet must be in service at the service location.
  • At least two circuits are in operation at all times and are connected to the MegaPath SD-WAN equipment.
  • Services must have been professionally installed by MegaPath or its agent.
  • Services must have been in use for a full calendar month without unresolved technical issue post installation (burn-in period).
  • If non-MegaPath circuits are connected to the MegaPath SD-WAN enterprise equipment, customer is solely responsible for monitoring and maintaining these services in a diligent fashion.
  • Circuits connected to SD-WAN Enterprise equipment must be at least two diverse technology types (coax vs fiber, T1).
  • MegaPath, at its sole discretion and at any time, may reserve the right to a) discontinue some or all services at the location, or b) recommend to customer to replace such circuits with MegaPath services.
  • No more than one MegaPath 100% Availability Credit shall be paid in any monthly billing period.
  • 100% uptime guarantee shall be met if customer is able to pass IP traffic at all times to/from major web sites in the United States. No express or implied performance guarantee (jitter, latency, packet loss, throughput) shall be included in the MegaPath 100% Availability guarantee.
  • Customer is responsible for all access charges that may result from the use of the SD-WAN Enterprise service, included but not limited to 3rd party access charges and wireless overage fees.
  • Customer account billing is in good standing for MegaPath services and 3rd party services, as applicable.
  • Customer is available at customer location to assist in performing diagnostic testing and initial incident troubleshooting.
  • MegaPath 100% Availability Guarantee excludes following events and circumstances:
    • Power outages at Customer location, impacting MegaPath equipment.
    • General Internet outage, as experienced across the industry and reported publicly, in the US.
    • Hardware failure is excluded from SLA calculations unless High Availability Hardware designs are implemented by MegaPath.
    • Faulty inside wiring.
    • Network maintenance events (Scheduled or Emergency) as communicated by MegaPath to customer per our SLA agreement.
  • Entitlement to a Credit or Credits shall be determined in good faith by MegaPath in its sole discretion.
  • Customer must request Credit per standard Credit and Payment procedure published at:
  • Unless otherwise stated herein, general SLA terms are applicable as published here
I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.
I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.
I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.