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How to Choose a Managed Network Services Provider
Six Best Practices to Ensure a Thorough Evaluation

Voice Services

13 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Hosted VoIP Service Providers
More than marketing claims and list price, 13 questions to ask for a substantive provider comparison.

How to Do More with Unified Communications
Discover how a cloud-based Unified Communications solution contributes to unparalleled freedom, mobility, and productivity.

MegaPath Voice: Ensuring Quality of Service
This paper describes how MegaPath Hosted Voice ensures Quality of Service for crystal clear conversations.

Three Fundamentals for Consistently Good VoIP Call Quality
Hosted VoIP phone systems require a reliable Local Area Network (LAN) and broadband connection for good call quality. This paper explains the relationship among these technologies.

Switching to Hosted Voice for Business
The top 10 ways MegaPath makes it easy to switch.

Avoid Hosted VoIP Buyer’s Remorse
Learn about VoIP services and what separates top providers from the rest.

Top 5 Considerations in Choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider
Practical guidance for purchasing Hosted Voice solutions.

Hosted Voice for Growing Businesses
Outsourcing business services in such as Hosted Voice is one way that companies can manage growth.

Cost Savings with Hosted Voice
Hosted Voice offers businesses a greater array of savings than any other phone service option.

Cost-Saving Innovations in Voice Technologies for the Enterprise
Discover the advancements in Voice technologies that are helping distributed enterprises cut costs by deploying a feature-rich communications and collaboration platform that is flexible, scalable, and easier to manage.

Hosted IT Services

Hosted Exchange Buyer’s Guide
Cloud-based services reduce your IT department's complexity and costs, increase company-wide efficiency and collaboration, and improve overall productivity.

Combating “Hostaphobia”
The IT Manager’s Guide to overcoming an intense resistance to—or abject fear of—using hosted email and IT services.

How Downtime Can Affect Your Business and How to Avoid It
Guidance on why your business needs a solid solution to avoid downtime.

Data Services

Business Ethernet: The Advantages for Business Customers
Compare Business Ethernet to T1, Bonded T1, and fractional DS3 (T3) services.

Choosing Ethernet Services
Is Ethernet the right choice for your network?

Choosing Managed WiFi
Interest in providing wireless access within offices and other facilities is growing fast among organizations of all types and sizes. Learn what you should look for in a Managed WiFi service, and in a provider.

Look Beyond Cable
Although cable can be a good choice for some scenarios, it falls short for most business Internet access and networking needs.

Networking & Security Services

Networking Security Options Simplified
Business benefits of, and requirement for, a Security solution

Advantages of Managed Security Services
Cloud Services via MPLS Networks for high security at low cost

Preventing Medical Identity Theft
Staggering statistics on the rise of medical identity theft, its costs and dangers, and the benefits of outsourcing IT security.

Securing Social Media for Healthcare
Managed security services help protect patient privacy and support HIPAA compliance.

Timeline for MPLS Network Deployment
Project management guidance on planning, implementation, and completion of MPLS Network Deployment for SMB customers.


Enterprise Solutions
Robust, reliable Data, Voice, and Security solutions for Enterprise customers.

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I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.
I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.