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Network & Security

Managed Network and
Security Services

Connect your workforce. Secure your data. Deliver optimal network protection and performance with Managed Network & Security Services.

Avoid Downtime

Managed Network and Security Services Help Businesses

Simplify Network Management

Take the guesswork, risk, and hassle out of your wide area network, security, and WiFi with a fully-managed solution. Our experts handle everything—design, deployment, monitoring, and support—so your IT staff can focus on other business-critical priorities.

Maximize Application Performance

Support bandwidth-intensive applications at the branch level, and use bandwidth more efficiently to ensure the highest level of application performance with zero downtime.

Secure Your Data

Protect company and customer data in transit and at rest. Eliminate network security gaps, enforce appropriate use policies, promote regulatory compliance, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Connection, Protection, and Privacy Services


Businesses are embracing Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technology because it’s easy to deploy and manage, and it’s much less expensive than a traditional WAN deployment. SD-WAN provides real-time application failover - no voice hiccups, no video conference degradation. Watch our demo.

If your business needs to:

  • Deploy branch offices quickly
  • Ensure zero downtime of critical, real-time applications
  • Maximize bandwidth usage to reduce costs
  • Simplify and centralize network management

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Enterprise-grade Network Security Services
Protect your network and information assets with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that is fully managed by MegaPath. Multi-layered security services protect against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

If your business needs to:

  • Implement Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Content Filtering, Antivirus, and Anti-phishing
  • Avoid the risk, cost, hassle, and limitations of do-it-yourself security and multiple standalone solutions
  • Protect against known and zero day threats so you avoid costly downtime

Managed WiFi

Hassle-free WiFi for Guests and Employees
Improve customer loyalty and employee productivity with a fully managed, end-to-end WiFi solution for your organization. Cloud-managed WiFi fits all types of WLAN needs - for one location, a large facility, or a multi-site enterprise.

If your business needs to:

  • Engage with guests over mobile and gain valuable insight into foot traffic and other presence-based user behavior
  • Empower employees to access corporate resources and serve customers using WiFi-enabled devices
  • Deploy a secure Wireless LAN affordably, and far more easily than pulling wire

MPLS Network Services

Maximize Network Performance and Security
Consolidate all of your business applications onto a single private network. Inherent traffic prioritization and built-in-security capabilities promote availability and productivity, all while protecting your network resources from malicious traffic. Our fully-managed solution delivers predictable application performance and scalability for multi-site businesses.

If your business needs to:

  • Control where and how traffic is routed from end to end
  • Prioritize real-time application traffic, such as voice, video, and payment transactions
  • Streamline bandwidth utilization to control costs
  • Prevent critical applications from failing due to network congestion

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“After evaluating several different vendors, we selected MegaPath because they have the most comprehensive network access available, along with the proven capacity to handle all of our remote connectivity needs...”

–Joe Aube, Remote Access Project Leader, UnumProvident

Read the Unum Provident Case Study

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“By selecting SD-WAN Enterprise service, we trust that we will be able to serve our customers with maximum quality and without any downtime.”

–James G. Elliott, President & CEO, James G. Elliott

Read the James G. Elliott Case Study

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I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.