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“Our [VoIP] plan with MegaPath is competitive and simple. Everything we need...”
–Paul Wilcox, B-Impressed Branding Solutions


Technology Solutions for Communications

Cloud-based communications services are helping businesses everywhere free up resources to implement growth strategies. Dramatically lower costs and avoid the hassle of managing traditional on-premises email, telephony, and IT infrastructure.

Solve Your Communications Challenges


Resources in IT and across the organization are often stretched thin. It’s expensive to set up and manage a PBX, in-house servers, and applications. Maintenance, user support, and vendor management strain resources even further.

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Improve Productivity and Mobility

Cloud communications can cut costs and simplify management. Give your team tools to improve productivity and mobility. Free up budget and resources to invest in your growth goals.

Business Benefits

  • Compete up-market with enterprise-grade features
  • Support mobility and streamline daily communications
  • Ditch PBX, server, and application maintenance
  • Let MegaPath handle support, included with all of our services 24/7/365

Top 5 Features

  • More than 50 standard Hosted Voice features your workers and customers will love
  • Use your business number and calling plan at your desk or on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Get voicemails delivered to your Inbox, as audio files and transcribed to text
  • Exceptional call quality with HD Voice
  • Secure Hosted Email with 50GB mailbox that syncs with your device. Affordable monthly pricing and 100% uptime guarantee

Slash Costs, Achieve Growth Objectives

Most companies that switch to cloud-based communications and infrastructure report significant savings, some as much as 50%. Implement Hosted IT including email and Voice to stretch your budget, free up staff, and achieve business goals.

Business Benefits

  • Predict costs with an affordable monthly fee per user
  • Reduce long distance charges
  • Free up IT resources for other business-critical priorities
  • Built-in redundancy and business continuity in the cloud
  • Streamline vendor management by working with a single nationwide provider
  • Pay one bill and make one call for support

Top 6 Cost-saving Features

  • Presence and IM cut down on calls yet provide real-time access
  • Free long distance among your internal phone system users
  • Affordable voice plans, packages, and rates for every business
  • Cloud-based phone service can be used on employee-provided mobile phones
  • MegaPath includes features other providers charge extra for
  • Free email migration wizard

Explore Business Voice Options Improve Email Reliability

MegaPath Empowers Teams Like Yours

MegaPath Customer

“It saves me so much time to have calls, emails and voice mails automatically forwarded to my Smartphone. And when I contact someone, I simply dial their extension on my device. I don’t need to look up and dial their full numbers. It’s an incredibly efficient and convenient way to work.”

–MegaPath customer Torey Apuzzio, Production Director, PTC Productions, LLC

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I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions defined in the MegaPath Acceptable Use Policy.