Megapath Speed Test Plus - Broadband Speed & Packet Loss Test

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You'll need Java to run this test. If you receive alerts, just allow the test to run Java and VoIP Applet.     Learn More >>


MegaPath's Speed Test Plus requires at least version 10 of Flash. Please update your browser.
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What is Speed Test Plus?

MegaPath Speed Test Plus checks broadband speed and is used as a line quality test, sometimes called a voice quality test. As a bandwidth test, it will assess your upload and download speeds. It's more than a just a cable speed test. It will test packet loss, latency and jitter. We use these to determine whether the quality of your Internet connection is in range to give you the best broadband experience. Poor performance may negatively affect web browsing, VoIP calls, video streaming and web-based applications. You can save your bandwidth test results in the Results History - a handy feature if you need to show your Internet provider how well your broadband is performing in both speed and quality. For more information about this bandwidth quality test, and throughput, read Factors That Affect Results.